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Tank 2008

The graphics are immense, the music is intense and the gameplay is so addicting they're gonna need a wrench to bend me away from the computer screen. I can't find any flaws, not even with a lens. This shines brighter than my chromed Benz. Hence, awesome. Keep up the great work! Dawson, or whatever you're name is. Btw, don't forget to post a number in the previous post, or I'ma flame you like burnt toast. This post is too great. Comments are closed (not really). On an unrelated note I don't remember my French, half of this post makes perfect sense, really.

Play it in the games section :P

Random Poetry 02

I once made a post
Not to brag or boast
But to talk about stuff
But then it got closed

I got so depressed
Thought I had nothing left
So I scrambled my password
And ran to the left

But I was struck
By sudden account theft
They abused my account
That I sacredly kept

With which I was obsessed
So many years ago
But I couldn't figure out
What to do I think slow

I tried sending emails
But they just decieved me
I tried sending PMs
But it wasn't easy

With the ALT I had
So I though, well too bad
And I got a new account
And now I'm so radicaly rad

Time to start a new fad
With bunnies and a pot
Photoshop like an ad
And I won't stop

Random Poetry 01

Random pieces of inspiration, all written by me :P

I played in a band
Called devilish sand
We made VG music
High on demand

Pepsi is a brand
In summer I was fanned
With a fluffy fan
So I fled and ran

But I'm hardcore
So I don't give a damn
I stopped by a statue
It was of uncle sam

He said join the army
And I got suntanned
Learned to shoot people
Without regret for my land

Ho ho ho - this summer has been great
It might be winter now but my wish is never late
I never give up and I never forfeit
Now I work at the shop stacking crates


- - - - - - - - - - -

I don't know what to say
On this bright and shiny day
To my dismay
The sun never went away

So I couldn't utter
Any words for my months
And I had no hunger
When it was time for lunch

I grabbed a watermelon
And started to munch
And now I am addicted

- - - - - - - - - -

A great game to play!
Both night and day!
I can keep playing this!
And never go away!

I don't know what to say!
So now I go berserk!
Happy Birthday!
And keep up the great work!

- - - - - - - - - -

I aim for the stars
I throw the ball far
It flies over a building
it lands on a car

The people inside died
But they write it off as suicde
I live with heavy concience
Without honor or pride

I should have told the truth
I shouldn't have lied
I travel back home
To my house and go inside

I find my aliby
Sleeping in my bed
I rage unstoppably
My face goes red

And when I regain
My sanity and go sane
The dude is stabbed
With a cane of bread

The dude is dead
So I go to jail
And I feel much better
But I fail

The Stat Game Results

Remember the stat game that was held before the new year? Well here are the results for it. ^_^ The number of blogs posted was: 120. If you don't believe me, see the archives page, it's automated. I checked the emails today, and the participators guesses were 100, 101, 104, 115, 138 and 200. No right guesses, but at least that saves me a little shipping expenses, hehe. Better luck next time!

Also, apparently the contact form suddenly messed up a while ago, and emails that were sent during the time before I posted about a note about it have not been received. If some of you did guess right, but the email was lost, I apologize. Nothing to do about that now though. I'll be fixing the form as soon as I figure out why it isn't working. I haven't changed the code at all and it's been working fine until a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for exiting contact form updates.

The Year 2008

The new year is finally here! Still it looks just the same outside as it did yesterday, except for the used fireworks scattered over the ground and the snow falling heavily down. I stayed up until 4 yesterday watching various movies and series, planning to stay up until sunrise, but I scrapped that idea and slept instead, still woke up in good time to see the light arise. Only problem is that the sky was covered by clouds, but whatever.

As I always do the morning after an old era has perished, I have high expectations and hopes. I'll be starting to work on my motivational goals I set yesterday already, which meanings running a few rounds around the soccer field and going on a short-reviewing spree at newgrounds... I'll also have to start studying for the Japanese rerun coming up the 14th. And I have a dentist appointment the 7th. The new year won't be only about changes in my life or progressions at newgrounds, course I have a few new things planned for cyberDB, as always. :) I'm not giving out any information before anything is done, so no one will disappointed when something arrives, heh. It'll be a pretty busy year though, so we shall see how much I have time to fix. Either way, I'm not too busy to take on webdesign/hosting/translation requests, so if you have any for me I'll be glad to earn a little extra-money on the side. Happy New Years Peoples!

The snow has settled upon the rotting net-less, we skip like skiddles among the endless riddles. That life throws upon us and chokes us till we turn blue, till we are lost and confused and don't know what to do, but I have big plans for this year so brand new. And I'm starting today, working my way through. I'll be out running around, the slightly snow-covered ground, and inside reviewing while listening to new sounds. The world has no bounds, new opportunities arise, new chances arrive, rise and shine and dive. Into this great world like a planestruck bird. It's great. It's 2008. ^_^

Happy New Year!

It's now only a few minutes to midnight in my corner of the world, yay. So here's a random poem. :) Happy New Years people!!

It's been a great year
Now a new era is here
All old events shrivel
Up and disappear

Were floating upon stars
Up and down the boulevard
The fireworks fly far
And light up our night sky

The smell of gun power
Is floating by our house
It blooms like a fire
The explosives we throw out

No meaning to sit inside
We run out in the cold damp air
A waterfall of sparks and snares
The new year is here

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