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Hopes For The New Year

So, I have a few goals I plan on achieving in the year after the one that ends in just a few hours. I did complete most of the missions I set for myself last year, and I hope this year will be just as good. Have finished all the small Japanese/Dinosaur courses I've been studying at the university this year ( only have 1 small test rerun Jan 14 ) so it's time to move on into new terrifying territories. I have a lot of things planned, both in real life and on the net. So here's a short list for the public to comment/criticize on and remind me as time flows. :P

- Get a drivers license.

- Get a book published.

- Get my songwriting business running.

- Reach 10,000 Posts/Reviews at NG.

- Get in good shape again.

- Run the Polar Arctic Circle Marathon, in June.

GTA SA Messed Up

It's a bit distorted, don't you think? Happens once in a while when I play the game for a long time. How about you?

GTA SA Fucked Up

Mustang GTR

And it's all mine. The picture I mean.

Mustang GTR

The Wave

Oh noes! It's coming! You better brace yourself...

The Wave


You see it?

See The Bunny?

Northern Lights

Same frequency as AM radio. Seems like we only listen to FM though, I doubt AM stations even exist...

Northern Lights

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