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Kamisama Kazoku (2006)

Kamisama Kazoku

Kamizama Kazoku is the story of a young boy and his family. As is the case with most main characters he is not just your average young boy, and neither is his family. His family consists of three candidate goddesses, his mother is a goddess, his father is god himself, and the main character is a god in training. He has been placed in the normal world in order to learn what it's like living life like a normal human being and eventually take the throne and rule over humanity justly.


DBR Update, ETC

Took Some Time

So I've been updating the DBR lately! Almost done. A few sections have been added and I have been boring myself with lots of boring work the past few days. I could probably have finished everything in one day if it wasn't for how boring the job really is, really. If you haven't tried you have no idea how monotonous it can get. Anyhow, fixed a few bugs on the site as well. The rest of the DBR update will be done tomorrow, since basically I'm too bored to finish it today. Happy downloading!

Aim + Gtalk

Aim + Gtalk

Eros + Massacre (1969)

Eros + Massacre

For once, I'll write a proper movie review, here ya go. :P

During the early 1900s all the way until the late 1960s Japan was full of rebellion and revolution. The youth was united and the violent demonstrations ravaged throughout the cities. One of the biggest, with many hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, went on for months. The Molotov cocktails flew through the air, as well as stones and other sharp projectiles. Different structures of society were at this time a big issue and the revolutionists had big ideas. Anarchy, communism, free sexuality, etc, played a big part in the whole riot. During the big earthquake in 1923 Japans secret police supposedly got rid of a few people they didn't like, some of them being revolutionary leaders, young students with different ideas than the leaders of society.

The reason the revolutions eventually ended was the companies changed view on 'revolutionary behavior'. When it all began the companies had nothing against hiring former activists, seeing as they were good leaders and the company could benefit from them. Their views must have changed though, and a few decades later their opinion was the opposite. There was even a law in japan at the time that companies could refuse a person a job simply because that person had been active in various rebellions earlier. This noticeably scared the Japanese youngsters, and most of them, cooled down.

In the end of the 1960s, when the revolutions were slowly coming to an end, this movie was created.

It was highly controversial at the time, and because of this, much material supposed to be in it was removed. Now, in modern uncensored society, these removed sections can be displayed again, and therefore the shortened three hour movie suddenly gains one entire hour. I must admit that it did get pretty boring at times. The movie is, if you are unaware of the underlying meanings, completely random as well, and at times very slow. It's abstractly filmed and there is no steady plot.

I didn't understand half of what was going on in the movie, and the other half could have had many different meanings. In general though, it features two separate stories, one in the past and one in the present. The story in the past features a revolutionary figure, his 3 lovers, and his constant deaths (which I assume symbolizes the revolution, and it's constant defeats, but never giving up completely). The present story is about a prostitute, a young student, and the filming of both a documentary about the past revolution and crazy imaginative chitchat about the present. In the end the movie director hangs himself and a photo is taken of all the dead people from the past story.

It really isn't a movie that can be explained, so you should watch it and get your own opinion on it. It's in black and white though, and very long, so all shallow inpatient action-obsessed Americans, look the other way, if your looking for a massacre there won't be any in this. In terms of art it's a masterpiece, and even the music is surprisingly good for it's time. Eros is the name of the god of love btw, and probably symbolizes the views on lawless relationships of this time. Overall, a great piece of art, but definitely not a movie you'll have the patience to watch twice, at least not me.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

NG Reviewing

Hello there! As the expert in review writing as I am I will here teach you the secrets on mastering the reviewing art at I will give you important tips and info that will make reviewing a joy that you can spend countless hours doing everyday! Here we go. First of all, I'll show you a simple example of how NOT to write a review, it's taken from one of my flash submissions :

Title :
Comment :
This is not a gif. host site. Don't subit things like this again, this must have taken you about 6 seconds to make.

So why is this review bad? It contains six factors that no review should contain.

1.) States the obvious : "This is not a gif. host site" If someone is submitting a swf file to a community such as Newgrounds, they probably know this already. Therefore this statement is completely unnecessary.

2.) It has nothing to do with the submission. What do gif. hosting sites have to do with any specific flash animation? That's like going to the Zoo, seeing a monkey eating a banana and saying "I'm Hungry". Sure, these two items are related since the Banana is a form of food, the monkey a prequel to the humans in the evolutionary line and seeing a species consume foodstuff to satisfy their internal urges makes people hungry, unless these people have eaten already and are satisfied. Everything's related, but only directly related items should be included in a review.

3.) The . goes on the left side of the gif extension, not the right. Does the reviewer even know what GIF stands for? Does the reviewer know the definition of the abbreviation GIF? Probably not. The third point is: Don't make false statements or write about items that you know nothing about.

4.) Spelling. "Don't subit things like this again" is a line with only one spelling mistake in it, and it still gives the impression of utmost unproffesionality. Reviews are short pieces of literature, you have to be a grammar nazi to battle your opponents. In the case that you don't like a submission, then the opponent is the submitter.

5.) Demands. Lets go back to the previous quote : "Don't subit things like this again". Why not write demands? Well, for starters, the authors ( most of them, at least ) are humans, have emotions, an ego, and do not like being ordered to do things by insolent fools who break the 6 grand laws of reviewing. So, instead of writing "Get the FUCK OFF NEWGROUNDS", you should write "Please, get the FUCK OFF NEWGROUNDS". Also, tell them why they should get off newgrounds, backing up your statements is important. Don't break rule NR1 and say "because you suck", but be creative instead. Tell them why they suck. Give them criticism that will help them improve and let them NOT suck in the future. Try to be as kind as possible, flaming won't get you anywhere, and the more insulting you are, the less insulted your opponent will be. Instead he will get angry and flame you back, and what good does that do? Nothing. He should either be sad, leave newgrounds, or try harder next time. This i kindergarten grade psychology, which most NG users don't seem to understand. Ok then, on to point 6.

6.) Don't make false assumptions! Here's the quote from the review above - "this must have taken you about 6 seconds to make". To skip this misjudgment, don't guess the times of anything. Instead use sentences like "This probably didn't take much effort", the probably showing the submitter that you aren't sure, it's just a guess. If you write it like that it's all good.

Those are all the faults in the review, so here are a few more tips you should think about when reviewing :

7.) Review all the different aspects of the submission. Don't say things like "The Sound sucks" and leave it at that. Point out that sound isn't that good, but also comment on the animation, the graphics, the plot, the humor, the originality, the concept, etc. This also tends to make your reviews long, and your reviews should be long. They shouldn't be filled with useless information that break the rules 1-6 though, better a short and informative review than a long and pointless one, but better a long and informative review than a short and informative one.

8.) Be kind. Flaming may get out all your anger and frustration, but the submitter won't like it. He won't take your feedback seriously. Also, there's a big chance your review will get marked as abusive, and we never want to get our hard work deleted, do we.

9.) Be constructive or positive. This point should be pretty logical. Reviews are meant to deliver some kind of feedback to the submission author. Either you're positive, and tell the user how much you like the submission ( makes them happy ) or you're negative but still tell the user what could be improved/done differently. Better yet, be both constructive and positive.

10.) Leave a signature. Everything great has to have a brand of some kind. When it comes to reviews, the simplest method of branding them is adding a signature at the bottom. This makes your reviews special, and above all it makes the reviews look longer. Also, try to keep it as simple as possible so it will save you writing time.

Penguin March

The penguins are marching for climate control! Shut Down.

Penguin March

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