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Such Is Life

There are two movies on TV today. Both starring Samuel Jackson, both thrillers, both from the 90's. Coincidence? Conspiracy? I don't know. What I do know is that both of them are movies that I want to see, and that they unfortunate run only one hour apart. Which means I can either :

a. ) Watch one hour of the first movie and then watch the other movie

b. ) Watch one hour of the first movie, then spend an hour constantly pending between the two movies as not to miss too much of the plot, and finally watch the end of movie 2 without disturbance.

c. ) Watch movie 1 and only movie 1

d. ) Watch movie 2 and no more than that.

Movie 1 is called Jackie Brown, Movie 2 is called the Negotiator. Since the second one starts an hour later, and I have to be up relatively early tomorrow morning, option c seems like the definite choice, even though it's unfortunate I miss one. For those of you who said "wth" after the very first sentence of this post and continued by saying or thinking "only 2 movies?", I'll have to inform you that the free bundle of channels that we in our house use consist of only 6 channels, none of them specifically movie channels, and we have no intentions of buying more, since, seriously, why? Name one reason anyone would actually need more other than to get unlimited bragging rights.

In other unrelated news I was walking by the under-construction golf course this afternoon and I saw a golf cart, with the key in it, fully functional, and noone within a kilometer radius . . . not that I could see at least. I stood by the car for maybe 5 minutes, pressed the gas pedal a little to see if it actually worked ( it did ), tried to gather courage to take a little test drive. No stealing or anything, just a little fun-riding. Unfortunately for me I didn't, and when I walked past the place three hours later it was gone. So that's that, I missed the chance, if it was one. Broke a mirror later today as well, while trying to remove the frame from around it. Now I hope I don't get 7 years of bad luck! Not that I'm superstitious, but I've never broken a mirror before, this will be interesting. Otherwise it's been a great day. Goodnight peoples!

A Noble Cause

The wikimedia foundation needs money, and they want YOU to change the world. Me? I already donated my share, 100KR of pure good. I quote, from their website :

If you and 99 other people donate…

* $200 – We can make Wikipedia available in developing countries through DVDs, books and pamphlets.
* $100 – We can pay for two Wikipedia Academy events in Africa.
* $60 – We can send three students to our annual Wikimania conference.
* $40 – We can deliver 100 million pageviews of free information!

The wikimedia foundations is, for those of you who don't know, the non-profit organisation behind the great resourceful websites wikipedia, wictionary, and plenty of other opencourse projects with great plans. Donate! Now! GoGoGo!

Funky Friday

Hello Again! It's Friday, the best day of the week. I watched Zatoichi and Offside today, great movies, both of them. Tomorrow I will be watching more movies than ever before, but there will be no blogpost tomorrow (since I'll then be watching more movies than ever before). So this post ends the weekly blogpost week at cyberDB and NG that I have been arranging today (and yesterday, and the day before that all the way down to Monday). And to be honest, daily writing really isn't anything for me, so now I know and can avoid any jobs as daily writer on the various newspapers I read, and I can avoid writing daily blogposts for a week as well. I prefer writing when I'm inspired, and only then. This means either when I'm in a great mood or when it's night and nice and quite. Anyhow...

Zatoichi (2004)

Was it 2004? If it wasn't, I apologize, and will not change the date above but will keep the right one in mind for the next Zatoichi-related post I make after you email me the correct year. Anyhow, this movie is fantastic. The main character is a blind massagist traveling around the country, but there are plenty of other main characters as well, including a fat guy in a Samurai suit, a gambling addict, a transvestite and his sister, a ronin and a gang boss. There's a lot of action, and though the blood may seem exaggerated at times, it's always realistic (at least it seems realistic) and stylish. The director puts the colors Red and Blue into focus, as he does in all his other movies, red standing for evil and blue standing for good. He also uses gray and brown.

The story about this clash of personalities taking place in olskool Edo, where early Yakuza, ronin and samurai roam the country is intense and fast-paced, with lots of variety. The scenery is varied, as are the swift sword moves, characters, events and different angles of filming. The story puts together both Drama, Action and Comedy. Great music as well. The whole thing is a work of art, a must see.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Offside (2001)

This movie is Swedish, so all of you non-Swedish people, I don't recommend you watch this, even though there is a lot of English in it. The movie is a dramatical comedy. Swedish movies tend to contain more everyday dilemmas/relationship issues/etc that are typically left out in other countries (other countries being England, France and USA, the three countries I've seen most movies from). Swedish movies differ a lot from all the relationship dramas you'll probably watch in America. Mainly because, well, Swedish people are different, they prioritize different things, they act differently in different situations, they react differently.

Overall Swedish relationship movies are much heavier than the American ones. I watch a lot more American content than I do Swedish, and I like the American content much more, maybe because I'm used to it, but this is still a good and watchworthy movie. For Swedish people that is. It's not all about relationship, it's about soccer as well, and that aspect of it is exiting (as always). The comical values in it outweigh the other issues as well, so it's all good.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Ok then, see you soon.

Thirsty Thursday

Hello Again! I'm really not thirsty, and neither is the day, but trivial was used two days ago and tricky or troubled doesn't fit in, so there was no other option. It was either that or something else. :P I've only watched one (1) movie today, and one more yesterday after the post, and there's a movie on TV today that I've unfortunately already seen, so I'll write a little commentary for that one as well. Here goes:

Waitress (2007)

Romance and Drama, with a little Comedy mixed in. The main character is a girl who constantly thinks of nothing but pies. Her boyfriend is an asshole, she's getting a baby, her doctor isn't the same as before and her friends are having troubles of their own. It really isn't my kind of movie. As I see it I could just get a life instead of watching this, and it would be just the same thing. We watch movies to experience things we can't (or that we really shouldn't) do in real life. There was nothing extreme or amazing about this movie at all, I don't recommend it.


Whacky Wednesday

It's Wednesday! So here I am again, with yet another daily post for this week. I've done a month of daily double flashes and audio submissions as well as ALMOST a month of daily deposits and an average of 1 BBS Post, Music Review and Flash Review per day, so a week with daily news seems like an unquestionable follower! Right? Anyhow, I actually had some school today. Woke up early (8) and traveled by train to the university for a semi-interesting lecture on Japanese Tea Ceremonies. I learned how the tea plant was originally developed (it grew from Bodhidarma's ripped off eyelids), how a disciple finally took him out of his trance by cutting off an arm, how the tea tradition was brought to Japan from China, why they had tiny doors you had to crawl through in the early teahouses and much more. Does this sound interesting to you? Maybe you should study Japanese then!

All our lectures so far have been varied and a few legendary Japanese movies have been shown as well. Strangely though, none of Akira Kurosawa's, but the teacher said that he tried gathering a selection of movies we probably hadn't seen already. I haven't seen any of Akira Kurosawa's movies, but I'd like to. A movie that I have seen, though, is Zatoichi, which they will be showing us next week. On Friday this week we're having a lecture on Anime, or more specifically Japanese Animation, something that is today well known around the globe. I feel almost inspired to fetch my external HD and start watching the GITS Stand Alone Complex series, one of the few that I have saved for rainy days and have not yet seen.

It was cold today, ice cold. I had to wear one of my newer jackets, one that's warmer than the current summer jacket I've worn since March. I even had to put something on my head and black leather gloves on my hands, the thermometer displayed -3C this morning but it felt like -30C. The ground has stayed frozen the whole day (even in the city) and the little snow that's left after the past few days sunny melting rampage is still here tonight. After I got home from University I made myself a lunch as warm as possible and sat down by the computer to finish a few website related missions I've set for myself. These missions consisted of a big library update, 100 new games to the games section, round corners on the sidebar and finally finishing the BBGrounds and WonPeace websites, among other things

I took a trip to my buddy Andreas house later on, but he wasn't home, so I came back and watched...

Perfect Stranger (2007)

Perfect Stranger is a movie starring that Die Hard character and that other female figure thats been in a countless number of movies already that I really should know the name of by now. Of course I remember Bruce Willis, who can't remember a name like Bruce Willis? As for the other character it's a mystery. It's a great movie. The main character is a reporter, and a good one at that, trying to uncover the secrets that rich and powerful men hide. In the beginning it seems like just any other romantic thriller, but there's much more to it than that. The main characters aren't always what they seem to be and there are plenty of secrets to be unrevealed. I hope I don't spoil it for you by saying that things won't turn out as predictable as you think they would in the very end. The very very end is also the intro, which connects a couple of dots and makes you say: "Aha - So that's what it was!"


Trivial Tuesday

Kort Till Farsdagen 2007

Hello World! Since I started this week by posting a post specifically stating the week day in the title I thought I might as well make another news/blog post for today, though this one will be much shorter than it's prequel. I woke up late today, 10. Stayed up late last night watching a few more series than I had planned, they're addicting, heh, so it's not of any strangeness. Spent half of this short day walking, jogging and picking a bucket of nippon to make marmalade. The other half of it I watched the Bee movie ( 2007 ) and played a little Worms Armageddon - new reloaded edition with 25 more weapons from WWP, new levels, new missions, etc. Also worked a little on my website and discussed a few aftereffects of my recently seized site suspension with my webhosts support team. A few more movie reviews follow, two for the ones I watched the day before yesterday and one for a movie that's playing on TV right now that I've seen before. :P

The Bee Movie (2007)

If you've seen and liked Antz and a Bugs life, then you will probably like this. Take a trip into this parallel universe in which the figures all look a bit more animated than we do and where all animals can actually talk, their laws don't allow them to though, but as people often do nowadays, he decides to break the moral codex.

The world of Bees is busy, and everyone does what they have done for the past 25 million years and what they will probably do for the rest of their lifetime, work. One of these bees is different though, after graduating from his nine days of school he's not as thrilled as the others to take on the monotonous missions of factorywork that they have to chose from. Eventually his different perspective on things changes the whole world and the fate rests upon his shoulders. With all the genetic foods being grown today and the bees that in consequence disappear, it makes me wonder if the movie has a deeper moral meaning. Either way, it's a great movie! Fast paced and funny!

Trapped (2002)

It's a thriller with Kevin Bacon featuring the perfect kidnapping except that the kidnappers really aren't after the ransom but a much nobler cause and that the kidnapped baby is very asthmatic and can die any time if not treated right and woah if you can read this run on sentence without gasping for air then you have pretty good lung capacity! Definitely worth watching.

K-Pax (2001)

Yet another one of Clint Eastwoods great movies starring himself as the main character. This one isn't as great as the others though, and in my opinion he fits much better in the legendary western movies he made earlier. He's made for western, not action thrillers like this. His style of acting, the same "slow" and untouchable style just doesn't fit in modern Brooklyn, where this movie takes place. He plays the role of an old police officer hunting after a psychopath killing women, and does a good job at it as well. Lots of eyecandy in the movie ( especially if your a necrophile ), an intense plot, mild comedy and drama, everything a movie should have! Even if it's not one of his best ones it's definatly worth watching.

Blue Streak (1999)

Ever heard the story about the criminal who hid his valuable stolen diamond in a construction area just before being busted and leaves jail years later to find out that the place has become a police station? If you watch this you will have. The main character finds himself in a situation where he either has to enter the building in handcuffs or with a badge, and he choses the latter. Absolutely hilarious and watchworthy.

That ends the movie reviews for today... Oh, and I haven't posted anything about Fathers Day last Sunday (which for you confused non-Swedish people, is the day that it's celebrated here in Sweden). As always me and my sister baked a cake and gave a few items of importance to the family leader. I drew a card in Illustrator, accompanied by a poem (it's in Swedish) and here it is!

Goodnight now.

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