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ink21 #3 doodle (postapo)


Some things just fallterr(a).

ink21 #2 doodle (tracks)


We on track now.

I'm Back Y'all

With tracks all! This month till. Mayhaps fall. Has come to Stockholm too! But I'll warm up till I'm half boiled.

We had summer and that soil is overworked and dirtied. I've been offline so long now that I'm back I'm typing QWERTY.

I'm warning up. The storm's are tough. My back is strong! Mayhaps a song's. On route tonight. The future's bright. Yes work is tough, but straggle on!

Fly high like I draw mimes. Pipelines full of airplanes. Don't know what I'm writing. Late night and I've ear pain. Headphones on too long now. Mixing till my time ends. Snores lead through the walls, but I hope mine lead through silence.

It just might take a little while until I find my inner child. There's still a little rhyme inside but not the most fluid.

But you can do it. Let's keep it moving. From June till stupid. Summer's sun and shooting cupids. I love that time. The hunt is on. I'll run a while till come has dawn. And maybe when this month is by then once again I'll stun and smile, relax a while, look back and sigh, the trials I passed, the tracks they piled...

Though I'm getting ahead of myself! It's Inktober. I'd better ready myself.

I've been here two days trying to catch my breath; everything's how it was when I packed and left.

I'm rusty. Brain's dusty. But back. How's that. :)

Hope y'all had a good summer now.

ink21 #1 doodle (catears)


What's that? Huh? Hmm? I catear ya.

The Cozy Carrot Cove

The Cozy Carrot Cove

Requested a shark with purple shades and scars eating a carrot; coasting around a calm blue ocean cove, and here he is! Courtesy of @TheShokBlok.

He's the ocean boss with the dopest jaws - a death defying beast who feasts on basil and leeks, in the grizzliest abyss of wilderness - the sleekest peep in the deep. Seemingly equally awesome as Frozen was.... yet a bit more summery. ;) Get some sun and be. Free like bumblebee! Till the cold and thunderous fall...

Happy Summer y'all!

Musicalish #298

Need some songs for the summer? I gotcha.


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