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Steve Irwin is dead! :O RIP. A poisonous stingray brutally killed him while he was diving near some coral reefs somewhere. If you haven't seen his movie or TV shows you should do so now, they're pretty good.

Here is CNN's report on this, and a video of Steve's last moments/commentary.


I picked 20 apples yesterday, and realized when walking home with them in my pockets that apples are progressively heavy. :P I'll be making an apple pie soon though...

Back to the subject (well, there wasn't really one to begin with, other then the one of apples, but we will be creating one now). just celebrated their 3rd Birthday! And the boss had a real nice cake specially designed just for him. Post a comment to see the pictures. :P

That brings me to the third subject. I have completely forgotten when CyberDyze's birthday is, so lets say it's the 4.4.4. It was somewhere around that date anyway...

And for the next subject now. I made a new gallery! YAY! A very simple one driven by a one-page PHP script, but it still looks nice. You'll find it on the scripts page.

And finally, I have set the launching dates for both remaining new sites. Here they are:

Unlyrical - September 13.
CyberDoze - September 23.

Holical hasn't been updated since before summer, so it seems pretty dead, but it's not as dead as it looks. I'll have it completely revived in just a few days, with more information and multimedia. Oh, and a bunch of new Anime Radio Channels will be up within the next few days.


Naruto Fan Cake

Naruto Fan Cake From A Different Angle

CyberD Network Up

The CyberD Network HQ is up! XD

Visit CyberD

The other network sites will be being finished soon. Have a nice day!

Best Picture Ever

Featuring Normie and Maud. Best picture ever. :)

Best Picture Ever

I Return

And so I'm back. :P

I arrived the day before the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with Normie and Maud - a short resume over the movie follows at the end of this post. I talked to Andreas yesterday and found out that in the middle of the summer, while I was away, one of the peoples in my class had died. Eric Engstrom was his name and a short flash movie dedicated to him will be up shortly... next week maybe. He died in a car accident. RIP.

Today was my first day of school this year (-_- YAY...). As usual summer vacation was way too short and I am already looking forward to next years well-earned rest. I was a bit disappointed today when we received this years schedules... I had a lot more lessons than I had expected, and I thought the last year at college was supposed to be the easiest too...

During the last weeks of summer it still didn't rain anything. When we left it hadn't rained in over a month (!). In the forests one of the biggest fires in Swedish history burned for about a week until it was shut down completely. Over 1800 Hectares burned to ashes (that's over 18,000,000 square meters). There were lots of 'smaller' fires on other places too.

Well, on to the mini-review of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a good movie, but not better than the first one. It had action, sword fighting and humor. But at parts it was even more unreal than the first one. The digital animation was very VERY good though. The ending also provides you with a nice surprise! But the "To be continued" text after that is very disturbing. Just another example over Hollywood's unhonorable ways to get money. You would have thought, since they filmed both the 2nd and 3rd movie at the same time, that they would have released the 3rd one just a short while after the 2nd, but nooooo. It's not coming out until next year!

And so for the finaline, whats goin on at CyberDyze! Well, were in for a big network expansion, with plenty of new sites. The first one - The CyberD Network HQ, will be ready in just one or two days. Stay tuned. :)



I'm still on vacation, in the uncivilized isolated areas in the cold North of Sweden. :P Well, ATM it really isn't that cold at all. It's about 30 C in the shade and it hasn't rained in over 2 weeks either. The water in our shallow well is starting to perish and the grass in front of the house is all dried up and brown now, still, it's great weather. I've been lying in the shallow areas of the lake for hours the past few days and staying cool. :P

Last week I was out picking cloud-berries 4 days in a row. If you have never picked cloud-berries before you wouldn't be able to imagine how tiresome it is, but it's worth all he trouble... and it's great exercise too. :P We've been walking many miles through deep forests and marshlands in search of the Northern treasure, which will hopefully last through the long cold winter. :)

Well, other than that I've been playing badminton, paddling around in my canoe, windsurfing, reading my way through my gigantic comic collection and swimming around.. etcetera...

I was planning on posting a lot more this summer, but I haven't had any time, so this will probably be the first and last post about this summers adventures before I return to Stockholm August 18. The nearest "city" is 3 miles away from us, so we are not there very often (I am there now though, in front of a computer in the Library, and will remain here for 3 more minutes until my time runs out and someone else takes my place here).

See you later. ;)

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