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Parallel Minds (2020)

Parallel Minds (2020)

Watched this one with Buddy Bear. Random choice for the night.

It's atmospheric, with intricate props, a spiritual undertone, a lot of blue special effects, limited cast, fragmented plot, and unfortunately pretty mediocre script/dialog and drawn-out runtime that in the end made it feel like... not the best way we could've spent these particular two hours.

I did love the prop design. I loved the monster. I loved the soundtrack.

I also enjoyed how much intensity the main character managed to summon in some scenes - though unfortunately the lack of intensity around her sometimes made for an almost comical contrast.

They re-used a lot of the scenery too.

You see the artificial womb maybe one too many times. They show up their background gadgetry like they're proud they made it, and want to give it a little more runtime in the movie, and I do get their want but... it comes across a little repetitive.

They show buildings from a down-looking-up perspective a bit too many times too. One too many car rides through the same city where those buildings indeed do loom above your head. Somewhat dystopian. I get it.

If they were going for a Cyberpunk kind of vibe with the lack emotion and at times somewhat apathetic tone they unfortunately didn't manage all the way. It comes across a little bland. They have some redeeming qualities, and the props and filming really were on point, but the rest...

It's missing something. Or could've used less of something else.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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