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Parasyte - The Maxim

Just watched the first 12 episodes - first season - of this pretty disturbing series. Actually, I thought it'd be more disturbing than it was. After a little initial phase of surprise you get used to it, and those 'Parasyte's' don't look so vicious any more. Migi, in fact, looks kind of cuddly... until he (she? it?) actually lashes out with those vicious metallic claws and slices a head or two apart.

More so than disturbing, this series is depressing. People around the main character die, but even so that's not the most depressing part - it's how he's losing his senses, losing focus, losing his mind, losing himself, losing his heart? Cheesy, but there you have it. He still has altruity, that one thing humans have that makes them so strange, but he can't shed a tear even when those near to him die one after the other.

In conclusion, it's not a very uplifting anime! But, it is unique, it has the occasional flare of emotion and ferocity, it's well-animated and oftentimes unexpected in how the plot quickly shocks or shifts. You follow the character's evolution and struggle not so much against Migi but against himself (same thing?), how he distances himself from the world, from those he cares about, from the very human sentiments of care and sympathy... next season's bound to be interesting!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    Migi doesn't has a gender that can be accommodated in the dualism of female/male, he is an alien and as thus we don't know yet how they may reproduce, but i always pictured him as a he in the manga, and indeed they gave him a male voice actor for the first time that Shinichi gets to talk to the real Migi on his dreams, i don't know why they choose to give him this voice, maybe to get a bigger impact once they show the real Migi.

    The censorship on this aberration of an adaptation is frustrating, the only redeeming factor is that "The Maxim" subtitle they added which gives a leverage of separation between this and the original manga, and man and don't get me started on the filler characters, but not all is bad lately they have starting using less that misplaced dubstep.

    The series main point - and at least i am glad they try to keep in line with this - is not to be uplifting but to offer a reevaluation of a concept, the relationship we have with other organism, in order to do this, the tools used don't have to indulge into a romanticist ideal, and we see this as Shinichi slowly becomes more practical and less emotionally driven, however he keeps being what under his own standards is considered being human, yeah that's a spoiler but not really, seeing as they could completely change the story,a thing i am sure is not below them.

    For all intents an purposes the manga is better, unless you want more high-school slice of life teenage romance, in which case the anime is better, in an unrealistic way, but why the hell are you following this story for such a thing?

    In the end what could have been a gem of the anime world, has fallen to this thing that we see today, i give it a 3 out of 5, solely because all things considered this is still one of the best animes in the last years, which just goes to show the sad state of the current anime industry.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    The voice might be why I refer to him as a He by default, though of course he's Alien so we have no idea as to gender... if this was a more comical type of series we'd probably get an answer on that sooner or later, in some oddly awkward revelation. :P Considering he's a parasyte, I suppose the voice might be tied to his host body btw, IOW they'd be the gender of their host.

    I hear ya. :) Been hearing a lot of how the anime is inferior! But at this point, since I'm enjoying it, it doesn't really make me want to read the written alternative just yet. I do appreciate a more uplifting scenario as well, and with episode 19 it seems things are moving a bit in the right direction... tears! At last! Why would I follow a story for such a thing as a high-school slice of life teenage romance hmm. To feel good? I do think I've grown out of the general high-school slice of life teenage romance, but if this is it, it's it with a twist. It's a blend I haven't tried before and that's pretty intriguing!

    Indeed. In the end not even Space Dandy really fulfilled my expectations, nor did Kill la Kill. All the work goes into the beginnings and then...

    Hope it won't be the same with this one.

  3. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    He can transform into a giant penis, but he is still himself, so in the end his gender could be anything, for example fungi may come in 2 or more different genders
    Btw the general voice that is given to Migi in the anime is that of a woman.

    Haha, but what i am saying is that teenage romance is not the main point of this story, and while it makes more appearances in the anime, it is also distorted, for example in the manga Shinichi has an actual group of friends which he hangs out with, he is not an introvert, and rarely interacts with the friends of Satomi (because he has his own), it not only shows a more realistic scenario, but its also more factible,

  4. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    Dammit missclicked the speak! button, anyway replace that "factible" with "feasible", feasible i the sense that his features go beyond that of an introvert kid that somehow gets a girlfriend because he was too weak and timid to hurt something else, you see the Satomi of the anime under all her concern was always looking down on Shinichi, which animated version was a weakling, both physically and ideologically, he also lacks a sense of humor pre-merging.

    It depends on they sticking to the original story, but no promises there.

    I actually liked Space Dandy (a lot), it was refreshing, it even had some chapters filled to the brim with old anime and manga references (We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby) in my life it would have come to me that someone would be crazy enough to animate the main character of Nejishiki along with King Ghidorah, man that was an spectacle, of course if you don't get the references it doesn't looks like anything other than an experimental episode, which the series actually had lots of, and i am grateful for it, it was a visual adventure, with some decent Sci-Fi and comedy, it didn't had a linear plot most of the time, but that was not the point of the series, just like Shinichi's school life is not the point of Parasyte.

  5. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    Oh, female voice?! I assumed it was like a somewhat vocally modified version if Shinichi himself. Anyway: as he ate his hand, he became the hand, right? He became a part of the host body, wheras a parasyte would normally take over the entire body. So, Migi in particular may be genderless, but if they have a gender it seems logical it'd be tied to that of the host.

    Ah, so the anime is even less highschool romance slice of life than the Manga! Interesting.

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    How did you intend to click the button? :P Mmm.

    I liked it too, but I was expecting more of it! I know we've discussed this earlier, but the one thing I didn't like about it was the lack of a consistent story. Watching Fairy Tail right now, and it's the same thing there. I appreciate the humor, but I wish it was still a humor with finality, where each plot twist either concluded within the episode or continued into the next one, not where each episode was like a parallel transfiguration of the plot. I didn't mind the lack of plot continuity in series like Excel Saga though, not sure where the difference lies, might be something as simple as in what I was expecting from the series when I started watching it. Or how I wanted character relations to develop along the way, but they just kept starting fresh. Even when things kept happening, new things all the time, it never had any long-term effect on the future of the series.

  7. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    He is tied to the host, but he is an independent being, you will see later on, actually there are already plenty of examples, of parasites being able to detach and swap bodies, and have lives apart from the initially infested body, the gender incompatibilities are from the fact that they aren't familiar with the differences in anatomy between bodies, but a talented enough parasite doesn't has issues controlling a male or female body.

    That was not my intention, i wanted to clicked outside the box so i could use the scroll bar of the page, and not of the comment box but i clicked "Speak!" instead of next to it, thus i missclicked.

    Oh i recently started re-reading fairy tail, and man i am so sorry for you, FT actually has an interesting story, the goals (finding the dragons, beating the dark guilds, defeating Zeref) are interesting, but they don't stick to them, instead we get a lot of chapters about happy times in pool parties, so my conclusion is that FT is not about the story, it is about fan-service, both action and sexy, i am not joking, when they finally find the dragons, it looks cool, the fight scenes are nice, but the plot is poor as hell, what if i were to tell you that the dragons never left or died, but that they were always in the dragon slayers hearts? that will happen later on, i don't even feel bad for this spoiler. Anyway after the timeskip, FT enters a tournament which is one big filler arc with nothing important, really the only important thing there is that Minerva is dumb and will end as an underling for the bad guys, so 2 the 2 dragon slayers of her guild have a cameo in the story to go and save her, anyway but before that happens which occurs on the Tartarus arc (the only real arc) we got 2 filler arcs, one of them being an "introduction", the anime then actually adds another filler arc, to put things in perspective we get the timeskip and then immediately: (introduction arc/half filler) (anime filler) (manga filler) (anime filler) (introduction arc) (and actual real arc with plot)

    So if you read the manga you get 2 filler arcs, one introduction and finally the actual arc, in the same time the anime viewers if things go well will got 4 filler arcs, one introduction, and one actual arc (in both cases i count X791 arc as a filler arc, even if is an introduction, it doesn't feels like plot advancement, is more like explaining a set back), so it is a lot, and i mean a lot of filler before they go back to the actual story, and chances are that the anime will add filler arcs between the sun village and tartarus.

    With Bleach happens a similar thing but different thing, the manga is written like a frame by frame animation, it is a storyboard, thus it moves slowly, meaning that 1 month could be fit in one episode of the anime, being this the case is clear that the focus of the manga is not to tell a story but to show cool visuals, thus Bleach is not about the story, specially after Aizen, after that everything looks like a chain of ass-pulls from the author.

    Finally we get Space Dandy, which kills its main character with the first episode, and continues as if nothing happened for the most part, clearly an amine which focus is not continuity, but smalls arcs, with cool visuals and even experimental animation, sure they later on tied it all in, but at that moment the viewer should know that this was not about the plot, even if the multiverse argument allows for the non-lineal story to make sense.

    In conclusion not all animes are to be watched for their stories, Space Dandy didn't seem to have one for the most part, FT refuses to tell its story for the most part, and Bleach hardly advance on its story, being this the case i think that for things like this the story shouldn't be taken in consideration.

  8. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    Living separate lives in detached form hmm, that'd disprove of the theory indeed. Temporarily disconnecting doesn't make much of a difference though. They consumed a part of their host to attain the form they had, right? So apart from that initial insect-like form we see at the very beginning (when he tries to crawl into Shinichi's ear) they're basically all transformed by their host.

    Ah, that's how it happened! Btw, do you ever use the lower-bottom triangle thing to drag comment boxes; make them bigger? I keep forgetting about that feature. Pretty useful though.

    Yeah I know what you mean. I watched the first 70 or so episodes a few years ago, but stopped during some longer hiatus in releases. Up until the point I stopped I loved it, but the further it gets, the less interested I am... when the 'True Evil Jiggly Butt Gang' appeared it felt like the series just hit a new and incredibly low low, but I'm only about 30 eps from the end now so I suppose I shall persevere and see if it gets better towards the end. Apart from the fan service (I don't mind most of it) there's just too much inconsistency and repetition. Like how characters keeps pointing out things like "Is that what they were thinking?" or "How strong can they really get!" or "That's right", and not any one particular character, but any one character in response to any other. It's like they lose their personality overtime. Add to that how their magic power always runs out at the most inopportune moment, to be miraculously restored just moments later. And they turn weaknesses into strengths just like that. At times it just feels so incredibly unbalanced. Yet despite all of this annoyance, there are these rare teary moments with surprising bouts of emotion that almost feel on par with those of One Piece. The fights are often a bit generic, but when they really pour their hearts out it can get pretty inspiring. Makes me all the more annoyed at the lack of balance and innovation overall when such 'gems' occasionally appear.

    Oh man... so much filler... I'm in the Key of the Starry Sky arc right now btw. Definitely the worst arc so far.

    Shame is, all these series had so great potential when it comes to story, even Space Dandy. I still like how Bleach (the anime) turned out, but you know that already.

  9. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/16/2015

    You will see later on what i mean by living on their own apart from the originally infested body, but even without that, remember the parasyte that infested Shinichi's mom? he tried to infest a male body before that, but he was unable to control and adapt to the gender differences, so he had to find another body, which means that with enough training and a leisurely time they can go wherever, an example of this will happen later on.

    Never do it, but it is indeed quite useful!

    FT is in deep not a very long story so i can understand when the author does things like that, he just wants to milk the thing, which makes me think if he really believes that after 400 chapters of "you don't mess with FT"; "FT for the win!"; "FT for life!" and "Fuck yeah FT" he really believes that disbanding the guild out of the blue without any motives will convince us that the thing is not just another filler arc, i mean the name of the damn story IS Fairy Tail! so yeah i will spoil this to you after Tartarus arc, which was the only real arc with actual development related to the story with the dragons, Zeref and the dark guilds, among other things, after that thing we got another filler arc, the current one is after a timeskip of 1 year in which the guild is disbanded because reasons... but really since there's no real reason for the disbanding they can just reform the thing, i know that the main appeal of the thing is not really the story, but he could at least try to make the filler interesting.

    Damn so you have 2 more filler arcs before you touch the introduction Sun Village arc, and chances are that after that they will stick an anime filler, and then finally they will go into the Tartarus arc, man i am so sorry, literally the only important things happen in Tartarus arc, out of all the new character in the Magic games arc, only 3 make an appearance in the future, one as an underling for the villains (just a peon), and the other 2 as cameo characters trying to rescue the 1 that is working for the bad guys, so yeah, all 3 are like side characters that just happen to help XD, there one character that appears as an ally in the sun vilaage arc, but we never see her again since she decides to stay living there, so yeah...

    Yeah, i do think that Bleach will have an anime again, after some years, because at the rate the manga is going they would need 3 months just to pull out one anime episode, and then some of the fights are just long and sad, is like watching Yu-Gi-Ho and everyone has some commentary on how the other is triggering their trap cards XD, the trap cards are over powered, but when everyone has them...

  10. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/17/2015

    Mmm, but they'd still feed on their host body to become a part of them, replacing organ of choice to take over, right? Which means they'd become a part of their host, which seems to imply they could be host-dependent when it comes to gender. But if that's all revealed later on, no need for spoiler!



    Sounds like something not to look too much forward too. Damn. I was disappointed at the guild getting rundown after this island-sinks-down-7-year-hiatus thing already, after all the Fairy Tail FTW I wasn't expecting that, and didn't like it, and what happened to their old base? Why aren't they getting it back? What's with the lack of response from the council considering they just popped back out of nowhere? What happened to that Durandal guy? Why doesn't everyone seem to have aged 7 years? Why doesn't the Master ever die? How would the black dragon just dis... oh yeah, if the dragons are in their hearts, I imagine he may be part of Zeref... but anyway, so many inconsistencies it's driving me nuts. It started so great though. It doesn't have to focus that much on story, but the story still has to be consistent damnit!

    Ooohhh wait a minute... the series is still ongoing! I thought it'd ended around ep 150!! Guess that might've been a new low of the series, a point when all the fansubs I used to follow dropped it. Maybe. Doesn't look like I'll be catching up anytime soon. Might let it go for a while again and get back to it in a few years...

    lol, I need to watch Yu-Gi-Ho sometime, if for no other reason than to understand all them parodies over at NG.

  11. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/18/2015

    They just take over the head, and control the body from there, they don't consume the rest of the organs, that's why they need to know and be accustomed to how a body works and its difference from one to another, hormones, glands, etc.

    At the point you are, they will get a new base after some filler arcs, but that new base gets destroyed too XD, the new base is a gift that the townsfolk give to FT.

    About the council, they aren't all that important, and they got easily destroyed on the Tartarus arc, they were so easily destroyed that i don't think this should count as a spoiler, even if the council was an "important" part of the FT world, even after the council got destroyed people seem to not care about it, so yeah...
    it's like "oh noes the council was destroyed!" next day "Wonder who won the grammys?" what i think is that after the council got destroyed they just went and made a new one, then call it a day without telling us, really literally no one seems to care about it, FT went against the bad guys solely because their chef was an ex-council member, meaning they got involved by mere coincidence, and yet after all that, they disband just because yes, and we are in the filler arc of getting FT together, ah, and Natsu didn't knew because he went out to train for a year without telling anyone, so this happens after a 1 year timeskip, so this is pretty much the Magic games arc pt 2.

    Durandal? who is that? the only characters who matters are Natsu's close in-group and Erza's boyfriend which is working as a hunter of dark guilds, oh and i guess Zeref is important too, even if they hardly ever show him, he works from the shadows...

    They didn't aged in 7 years because magic, everyone outside that island is aged by 7 years, but the members who didn't aged are still the most powerful regardless, why? power of youth.

    Because Magic, but they do change masters every now and then, the first master is actually a ghost, so she is technically dead, but not really because apparently her body is still alive in a crystal, so i will just say, there's an unknown rule that says the masters of FT will never die (except for the bad one, and i think he is alive).

    Acnologia doesn't disappears, he just does what he wants and goes where he wants, because he is Acnologia the king of all dragons, that killed all dragons because he wasn't a dragon but now he is a dragon, and is more powerful than all the other dragons, some of the other dragons are in the dragon slayer's hearts, they were always there and will pop out when needed (AKA how convenient that we were always here right?), well i wont say more than this.

    Acnologia being part of Zeref? mmh i can see that happening, but Zeref is not a dragon slayer, but apparently Acnologia wants to kill Zeref, everyone wants to kill Zeref... and yet they get on everyone's else way and Zeref ends escaping always, funny shit is that even Zeref wants to kill himself, so he makes some plan that becomes the plot behind the Tartarus arc, all to kill himself, it is just really stupid= if everyone wants to kill Zeref, including Zeref, why would he survive? you will have to get to that arc and find out, but before that enjoy the filler XD, does this means that FT will end when they kill Zeref? pretty much, will they kill Zeref? probably not.

    The anime of Bleach ended in 2012 man, what are you talking about? the manga is still "ongoing" even if it hardly goes anywhere.

    It was an unique experience back in the day, nowadays everyone if following the format, with the difference that in Yu-Gi you had to use a monster or magic card every now and then , not everything could be a trap cards galore XD.

  12. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/18/2015

    Yeah, but the head is a part of the host, they take over the head to take over the host, so their body = the host body. Thus they wouldn't need a gender of their own, they could adapt to whichever host they capture. Seems they can reproduce via the host too.

    Ahh, a gift from the townsfolk, that's nice... but man they need to stop getting their bases wrecked! I really felt attached to that second one. It was like a part of their guild. Like their home. Like.. yeah...

    Mmm. Council doesn't feel like much of a threat then. There we go with the inconsistencies! :/

    Ehh so he wasn't called Durandal... oh, Doranbolt, AKA Mest, the memory-manipulating Teleporter:

    Erza’s boyfriend?! Revelations!

    Mmm, power of youth seems like one more inconsistency.

    Yeah but, he keeps saying things like "will you ignore my final order?", preparing for his final sacrifice, yet in the end they end up saving him anyway. I guess that might actually be... a consistency. :P But not the good kind. Anyway, the guild really wouldn't be the same without him, it's not like I want him to die, but he's showing so much weakness, if he keeps living on he should at least win some of the battles he partakes in! He's supposed to be the master! In the end he always puts on a big show, then gets defeated in a flash, unexpectedly and entirely, and the kids all come rushing to his aid. That was fine the first time it happened, it was OK the second time, third time... fourth time...

    Big spoilers already! Well, seems interesting. So I guess Acnologia flies off to space or a different dimension hmm. Hah, he did talk a lot about wanting to be defeated before he lost his value for human life again... the way I expect it all to end: Natsu helps him regain his value, while beating him up, and they live happily ever onward. Potential for more filler and spin-off material.

    Talking about the anime of Fairy Tail man. Didn't know it was still ongoing.

    Hmm, I thought Yu-Gi-Oh was a new thing! 1998! Woah! Sure took a while for it to become popular.

  13. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/20/2015

    "Thus they wouldn’t need a gender of their own" exactly that's what i have been telling you they at best don't work under the same gender categories as us, just to not say that they don't have genders at all, which could be, they may have only one kind of gender.

    It is their home, they live there... well lived there once upon a time XD.

    Yeah it got anihilated in like 3 chapters, and reformed off-camera, or at least i like to believe they reformed the council, they haven't really addressed the issue of what happened with the council if they made a new on or not, everyone seems happy and unconcerned so i assume that they made a new council.

    Ah yeah that guy, he plays an important role at the end of one arc i can't remember if it was the magic games, or tartarus, probably magic games, and then in tartarus he releases the prisoners from that dark guild and they join Erza's boyfriend's group, which hunts dark guilds, but overall he may as well have died, he really just exist to breath air and do some things every now and then, then he disappears, i guess he is important as a character that opens the doors for other characters, and cleans plot holes, with his brainwashing magic.

    Well they are not a couple, they are just in love and shit, but well you know who he is.

    Maybe they spend all that time training and we never see it.

    Ah the master of FT, the current one? yeah he is a weakling, but just because he is weak doesn't means he should sit back and do nothing, if buying time is all he can do, then he will buy time.

    Is not spoilers if they don't affect the plot... i haven't talked about the "important" parts.

    Na Acnologia literally flies off out of there, no portal needed XD.
    Yeah that's exactly what will happen, specially because it seems that Natsu has actually a secret identity, but you will get there eventually, maybe.

    Lol weren't you talking some months ago about the thing getting a second season? or maybe that was someone else that is ok with consuming filler.

    The moment it aired it was an international hit, that revolutionized both anime and the trading card game market, boosting the path to the forgotten field of board games, which were losing hold to video games, without Yu-Gi-Oh ther wont have been Duel Masters, B-Daman, Beyblade, Medabots, and a bunch of other toy based animes, the thing is and was a cornerstone, maybe you live under a rock? did you know DBZ? XD.

  14. Cyber
    Friday Feb/20/2015

    Ahaha so we've really just been saying the same thing in different ways all this time! XD Glad we agree!

    Yeah... that's, that's it!

    Sounds logical.

    Shame. :/ Seemed like he had potential! Was hoping he might become a part of the guild too, or become their goto guy in the council, or something.

    If I know, I guess it's got to be Gerard! Makes sense after ^.

    It's just his first impression just doesn't match his performance! At the start of the Phantom arc everybody's speaking about how he and Jose are about equal in strength, but he always goes all in and ends up falling off first. He should be doing more than just buying time, he should be beating bad guys! Argh! If he ever does die, I hope we get to see him get serious first. Thought it'd be like that with his encounter with the former master, but of course he pulls through fine... which is soon after explained by the tree shielding all Fairy Tail members from death. Suitable.

    Don't know why I'm so annoyed over people surviving though. Unnecessary worry? Getting worked up over what seem like conclusive battles or decision, when they usually ends up being nothing important after all? Just on this island arc: the master seems to be lethally wounded and utterly defeated, but he pulls through fine. Then the tree's torn down, then it's built back up. Then the master decides to sacrifice himself to let the others escape, but they go back and 'save him'. Then the island's blown to smithereens (we even see the crater), but then it's just magically resurfaces after 7 years!

    True true.

    Doesn't seem like he'd just settle down somewhere on Earth and thrash around a bit without anybody noticing though. :P Oh, spot on! Was hoping for a surprise twist, but ah well, all's well that end's well...

    Ehh could that have been Parasyte the Maxim maybe? IDK, Fairy Tail's way past a second season by now. I'm letting it rest a while btw, too much to catch up on right now.

    I've heard of Duel Masters and Beyblade, but I guess that whole franchise never really picked up here in Sweden, Pokemon was still the big thing when I moved back here, which was way past Yu-Gi-Oh premiere, but at that time I hadn't even heard of it. Stumbled upon it via... a GBA game I think. One of the ones I bought cheap to expand a growing second-hand collection I haven't actually played through. Hell yeah I know DBZ! We're probably just living on different rocks. :P

  15. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    He IS part of the guild, is just that he erased his own memories, well not like that matters now since they disbanded the guild and the only people who know he is part of the guild are the master and himself.

    Yeah that's his name.

    He is always serious, is just that Natsu is unbalanced, and Erza too, yet the author still want to make her look as someone that has difficulties in fights, nonsense, but a bigger nonsense is that Natsu and Grey are by now clearly way stronger than Erza, yet they still have the fucking nerve to say that Erza is stronger, bullshit!

    That's called plot armor (magical plot armor to boot!), in a series where not even the bad guys die you should be accustomed to it, for real when someone does dies, it just happens they weren't important XD.

    Is not like there's a super group of overly powerful characters hunting Acnologia, so he can literally go wherever he pleases and trash the place, also apparently he is hunting Zeref.

    Na i am pretty sure it was some idiot all hyped up because FT was being aired again, and i told him: "dude that thing is not good enough, i even had to drop the manga."

    I understand if Duel Master didn't catch on, but come on you didn't let it rip with some Beyblades? unbelievable, what was the Cartoonnetwork of Sweden doing?

  16. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    Aha? From the start, or from a point after that part where he tried to take down Fairy Tail to get a higher position in the council?

    Nice. Was hoping he'd be freed somehow!

    Talking about the master Makarov here right? Not sure what Natsu or Erza have to do with it. Anyway, as for saying she's stronger, I guess old habits die hard huh.

    Like the guy who chopped down the Fairy Tail tree, just a side-character. :P This magical plot armor is like an... armor of ignorance!

    So he does trash places! Guess I'll get to that part eventually. Though, 7 years passed, and it didn't seem like he'd been doing any damage at all. Inconsistencies again.


    Ahh no, never tried Beyblades! Did play a lot with spinning tops back in middle school, but I don't think they even had a name back then. We never battled, just saw which ones spun the most, tried picking them up, doing all sorts of 'stunts'. I have a little collection of those old tops, hollow plastic cases in cool colors, with either a plastic or metal point you could easily replace if it started getting dulled down. Huh, Cartoon Network? Sweden? :P I've never watched a lot of CN, but a bit more when we were abroad, remember shows like Samurai Jack and Courage with passion, but it was never that big a thing. My buddies and I were more into Pokemon, Quake, tops, yoyos, chewing gum, discovering amazing new musical artistry like Linkin Park via cheap pirate tapes we recorded over older classics, violent movies and bikes. Them days...

  17. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    He was part of it from the start, but he brainwashed himself in order to protect FT, the original plan was to infiltrate the council.

    Yeah master Makarov, he is weaker than Natsu and Erza, and despite being clear that Natsu is the stronger of them all, the author still wants us to believe on Erza being top, but there's no were we can cling to if we want to believe such claims.

    Oh that guy, i don't remember if he joins Gerard group, or if we never get to see him again.

    That dragon probably was on another continent, or who knows, maybe he was sleeping, yeah...

    Oh yeah normal tops, they lost their appeal quite wast once you start using them for battle XD.
    I can't believe my country had better TV programs than Sweden.

  18. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    Ahh, interesting guy.

    I don't want to believe it! That Makarov isn't the master, I mean, in an even more metaphorical sense!

    I thought he turned into a group of trees.


    So much violence today, even with tops! :P

    lol, 'better' is relative. Then again we've never had cable over here, in my family I mean, we've never paid for that 'extra' subscription, just the standard channels. And as you know I pretty much never watch TV nowadays.

  19. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    Not like it matters since FT was disbanded, or so the author wants us to believe, that or the manga will finally end, after all story-wise there's not much else to tell, maybe that explain why there is so much filler.

    Well he is the current master, the 1st master is that little girl.

    Meh, doesn't matters whatever happened to him, this manga is plagued with characters like him sadly.


    Na on the 90s and early 00s the best programs were a monopoly of CN and Nickelodeon, with FoxKids coming in after the 2, were it for their original toons or for their dubbed ones, there's no channel that could come and say it had better shows than those 3, it may have some shows on par, but that is as far as their claims would got.

  20. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    change that some in "it may have some shows on par" with a few.
    And then change that few with a couple.

  21. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    Mmm, a group with such strong bonds shouldn't be able to disbond so easily. :/ Not this bond. Guess so.

    Well yeah, but he is the master! Of the current current. I'm surprised there have been no filler flashbacks btw, most series that rely on filler seem to journey into the past to retell the tale. A story with the first master would actually have been pretty interesting.


    I don't think they had a global monopoly though, I remember watching more Disney Channel than any of those three, though I loved the 'tunnels' in either Fox Kids or Nickelodeon, don't recall which it was I watched, they had these commercials where you moved through a labyrinth of passageways at high speed, real exciting trips back then. :D

  22. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Yeah the latest trick is that Wendy doesn't wants to leave Lamia Scale and go rebuild FT with Natsu and Lucy... filler at its finest.

    Haha FT has flashbacks in the form of spin off mangas: he could put that filler in the main story, but he doesn't does it, why? no idea, i prefer that to the nonsense he actually puts in the main story. As for Makarov, meh, maybe there was no one else at the moment and he was made the master, and time just passed and people just grow accustomed.

    Of course, Asia had anime, but they had a monopoly of the good cartoons, which makes me wonder what was doing France at the moment?

  23. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Lamia Scale huh...

    Ahh they do have flashbacks! And just the one I was thinking of too! As for Makarov, I think his power's just being downplayed in favor of the other characters. There's always an excuse to how he can't use his full power, be it age or something else, so that he doesn't just beat up everybody at once and make the fight pointless for all other parties involved. Or just call it: inconsistency.

    France, huh? What about France?

  24. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Yeah because there's where a girl she meets on the magic games arc is, anyway, doesn't matters, it's just filler.

    Or he is just weak, well the manga in general is inconsistent.

    They have good animators.

  25. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    If I skipped all the filler hmm, maybe I could catch up pretty quickly...

    Or old. Well, same thing, old and weak. True that.

    Ahh, didn't know about that! I know they make a lot of comics though. Belgium as well. A lot of albums I stumble upon seem to be from there.

  26. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    I tried to do that with the manga, but filler arcs don't take time at all, so even reading them feels like you are skipping them XD.

    Is kinda sad that even in a magical world he wasn't able to escape the detriments of aging, Zeref on the other hand.

    I still find it rare that the country that made "Fantastic Planet" wasn't able to dominate the realms of western animation.

  27. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Haha, sounds a lot like skimming. :P The anime definitely has a more time-taking toll then! Just three episodes = one hour. A season filler = twelve episodes = four hours. All that time!! And I didn't even notice it went awa...

    And the second master found a workaround as well! Sad indeed, gets me wondering btw, is it ever revealed how old Makarov really is? Or the second master? Or Zeref?

    I'll take that as a recommendation to watch! Might have something to do with how abstract many of their creations are, though. People want simple entertainment. French action's done pretty well for itself, but all their other genres... they're not normal!

  28. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/27/2015

    Well since it is filler, and is not even good filler, is in your face filler, from the start you notice that it is not important, since is those kind of arcs they don't consume much time, well FT in general is not a time consuming manga because it doesn't has much text to begin with.

    I don't remember how old neither of the 2 masters are, but Zeref is supposed to be some old ass being that can't die and is also cursed, but i don't remember if he is older than Acnologia, actually they haven't really explore the story between the 2 of them, all we know for now is that the dragon wants to kill Zeref (because he wants world domination and having someone as Zeref around id troublesome), and Zered is some tragic victim cursed to be alone who wish to die... and yet, a contradictory character.

    Is a great piece of surreal animation from the awesome mind that was Moebius, so indeed i recommend it.
    Haha experimental films have to happen somewhere XD.

  29. Cyber
    Friday Feb/27/2015


    Not much to reveal, but interesting! Just the notion of immortality is interesting. Wonder how Zeref's story started... maybe that's been revealed?

    Got it, will watch in a while!

    Yeah, like Un Chien Andalou. :) And since then they've just been getting stranger. The real Strange Land. :P

  30. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/28/2015

    It was partially touched in here:

    Ah good old eye scene.

  31. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/28/2015

    Ah, nice.

    They managed to make it look so real too! Real grotesque. I do hope it's not an actual human eye. Or for that matter, any actual eye. Belonging to an actual living creature.

  32. Doomroar
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    Even if it is an actual eye it always made me wonder how they achieved the effect.

  33. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    But if it is an actual eye it wouldn't need much explaining...

  34. Doomroar
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    I mean it in the sense of if maybe they got access to a cadaver just for that scene.

  35. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    Ah. Well, this seems like a good time to Google and reveal the truth! It was the eye of a calf cadaver, substituted for the woman's when they pan up close. More info:

    Impressive realism for a time without special effects...

  36. Doomroar
    Monday Mar/2/2015

    Well that explains the change in eyelashes and skin texture.

  37. Cyber
    Monday Mar/2/2015

    lol, can't say I noticed any change in eyelashes and skin texture last time I watched that scene. Might have been too busy getting grossed out by the fact an eye was getting sliced open...

  38. Doomroar
    Monday Mar/2/2015

    The scene has a lighter color of eyelashes, and a more rugged skin, but i always thought that they used a human cadaver at least.

  39. Cyber
    Tuesday Mar/3/2015


  40. S3C
    Tuesday Dec/22/2015

    this anime's a good one!! the English version is airing now

  41. Cyber
    Friday Dec/25/2015

    Nice! I'm tempted to give it a second watch; see how the dubs compare (you are watching with dubs I assume?)! Dubs in the days of old used to be pretty unsuitable, but they're surprisingly well-synced for alot of new stuff, with timing and tone and everything.

    How far along are you?

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