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Passengers (2016)

What do you do when in deep sleep, on a ninety year journey from Earth to Homestead II, your hibernation pod fails and you wake up, alone, on the space ship Avalon, with five thousand fellow passengers asleep and only the bartender Android Arnold to keep you company?

This is that story! And what a story it is. A love story. A hate story... for a while. Beautiful sights and high-tech equipment - which all looks legit apart from those stereotypically nonsensical futuristic interfaces with so superfluous detail. People won't ever actually use computers like that... right? I hope software developers don't get inspired by the movies.

It's both an inspiring and depressing tale, depending on which way you decide to view it. A bit of both. I thought I'd resign to the latter a few times, but they kept surprising, and yet at the end... it still doesn't really turn out the way I hoped it would. But it ends good. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence put on an amazing performance, with some help from Michael Sheen (he does his best to be a robot) and Laurence Fishburne. A few others do make cameos, from a distance, but that's the main cast, and for the longest time it's just the first one. Two years... it sure flies by. The sense of time comes across, but it's never slow.

Expect a sci-fi thriller in style of Moon, but not quite that desolate, and with a bit more romance, plenty of space, plenty of time... packed with emotion. Great watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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