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Patriots Day (2016)

Patriots Day (2016)

Yet another American patriot movie... is what I thought when I started watching this, but the further it goes the closer the tears get to my eyes. It's got the feels! For reals. It builds up nicely even though it seemed like that build-up was all too noticeable. Maybe I'm just in that kind of mood.

Mark Wahlberg has never been high on my list of great actors - though I've always liked him in action hero roles. Here he plays an overly emotional cop with a bad knee instead, but in some scenes he does surprise, and it's not a solo movie - it's a group effort. It tells the true story of when a couple of Muslim brothers decided to blow up the crowd during the Boston Marathon in 2013, killing a few people and injuring many others, and the immense manhunt that followed.

The movie weaves together the fates of a few victims, and a few officers involved in the chase, and manage to make a pretty suspenseful enacted documentary out of it.

The action looks pretty damn authentic. The bomb scene was bloody, uncomfortable and dazed with smoke, even if it seems like they tried to not show the absolute worst. It's a strange compromise trying to give a glimpse of the gore, but not really going all the way. Age rating limitations? I wish they wouldn't cater to those, but just make the movie however it's supposed to be.

It's probably glorified as much as possible, and it makes no sense the terrorists claimed Americans had orchestrated 9/11 to get the world to hate Muslims... when they're doing something that'll make the world hate them even more (I'll leave my own opinions regarding the 9/11 conspiracy unspoken), and at times it does annoy me how they add in a little extra drama, or a few sobs, and other sessions of sadness when the story is more than enough, but those moments are fewer than expected.

Angled as it may be, it really was a sad day, and this was a well-made tribute to the people who died, and survived, and all that went down in that time it did. Brutal, authentic, and enacted by a talented bunch of people. Its a moody story, with a fiery showdown. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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