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Peak Procrastiation

A title subtly referencing that Peak Oil that never came. Why did it never come? Will it ever come? Will we ever change? What can I do about it? And casting those irrelevant questions aside, onto the topic of procrastination and my feature presentation for the day: I just can't seem to get started on my work! I have two longer reviews to write today (usually it's three) and I have yet to truly start on either of them, even though the day is now rapidly nearing an end. I made my first attempt this morning, did other things, made another valiant attempt right after lunch. Felt tired. Retired. Tried again a few times before dinner, took a break for dinner, started right after... needed something revitalizing so I took a (long) shower. Now it's 7:51 and I've still to make it through my first analysis.

It shouldn't take an entire day of motivating to get something started.

In fact, the longer the wait, the less motivated I feel, and yet I do get started just when there is barely time enough for it. Do old habits die hard? Is this a subconscious challenge as to allow an extreme rate of efficiency during final hours? Do I do it for the thrill? Does it take less time, or is the time taken the same regardless of when I start and how much pressure there is on completion? As with all previous weekends (except the last when I - due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances - actually missed my deadline) I'll probably get to it soon, hand things in somewhere around 11:59 and go to to sleep both content that I managed and somehow disappointed that I didn't get to it earlier. Maybe if I start now, and get this done a couple of hours before midnight, then I can slowly decrease my starting time by a couple of hours each week until finally, I get to work first thing in the morning. Maybe.

I should probably get started.


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