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Penguins Of Madagascar (2014)

Penguins Of Madagascar (2014)

The Penguins of Madagascar finally get their own solo performance! A hyper ton-of-action venture through the canals of Venice, the streets of Shanghai, a short visit down in the desert and eventually back to the US of A!

It starts with a flashback: how their life started in the cold harsh climate of the icy Arctic, a film crew filming them in the background as their queue of different-minded similars all tried to be cute and cuddly (better get used to immense amounts of unmentionable comical details!) and quickly moves past their first adventure as kids to their full-blown Birthday-celebrating infiltration of Fort Knox. There they meet up with an old enemy they didn't know they had, and things start to get interesting!

It's a real masterpiece in animation, it keeps you entertained, and the only thing that brings the score down from a solid 5 to a strong 4 are small details such as certain character stereotypes *cough* Northwind *cough* and predictable twists of the plot, and though it's awesome hearing Peter Stormare voicing the polar bear, I don't think his overly Scandinavian accent was the right one for the role. Overall though, it was the biggest batch of fun I've had in a long time! Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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