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Perfect Android Rising (2013)

Perfect Android Rising (2013)

Here's a surprisingly good low-budget film about an Android with feelings, even if the scenario is a bit cliché. There's a war, there's a resistance, the Android is sent to kill them, they make her feel... well, you can probably predict how it goes from there.

I don't recognize any of the actors, and the sceneries aren't anything special, but that said: I don't see any bloopers either. The only inconsistency I find is with the sound. The volume is imbalanced. Sometimes you have to turn it up, sometimes turn it down - to hear what characters are saying or to keep their shouts from piercing your ear-drums. The cameras aren't the best, but visually it's good enough. Angles, sceneries, etc are good enough for me. Fights are choreographed nicely. And it's always impressive watching through a flick that manages to retain an aura of tension and conflict all the while clearly being low-budget. All the while I'm thinking it's clearly not one of the better movies I've watched, I'm surprised I'm not tempted to skim or fast-forward, that the tension stays consistent and the dialogs remain worth listening to, however unprofessional they seem to be. I just wish they'd had better microphones. And maybe some better CGI at the end. An oldskool miniature explosion would've been even better!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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