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Perfect Circles

Perfect Circles

Got 93%. :) How about you?


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  1. biterr
    Thursday Jan/12/2023

    My circle is 94%

  2. Cyber
    Monday Jan/16/2023

    Daaaaamn man! I gotta draw more circles.

  3. Cyber
    Monday Jan/16/2023

    I mean Congrats! Nicely done. That IS

  4. biterr
    Monday Jan/16/2023

    @cyber pls check ur NG notifications

  5. Cyber
    Monday Jan/16/2023

    The invitation? Mmm, I'll send ya a PM!

  6. S3C
    Wednesday Jan/18/2023

    no. But I've listened to them. I prefer Tool...

  7. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/18/2023

    A Perfect Circle LA? Or drums, you mean? Tool are definitely also

  8. Ivan
    Thursday Jan/19/2023

    hey im sorry for going off-topic but i really want you to check out this status post i made

  9. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/19/2023

    Hey hey Ivan! Will do.

    Curious how you'd fare on the circle test too.

  10. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/25/2023

    When can you test the circle drawing thing referenced in the post above?

    Curious what you'd get.

    Thanks, I'll give 'em a review but I'm a little busy overall otherwise, trying to sort things out IRL and with my own sites, just give me a while with those DMs.

  11. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/26/2023

    Nice, thanks for giving it a shot! I wonder what the norm is, and how much this depends on what mouse you're using/what device... maybe 93%'s unusually high...

    Cool, I'll check 'em out too.

  12. Cyber
    Friday Jan/27/2023

    TY, I'll check 'em out...

  13. Cyber
    Monday Jan/30/2023

    You're too fast man.

    I will, though give me a month or so, gotta sort some stuff out.

  14. Cyber
    Monday Feb/6/2023

    I'll check it out

  15. Ivan
    Thursday Feb/9/2023

    Also I just posted a news post to educate people about Bulgaria

  16. Cyber
    Thursday Feb/9/2023

    On it

  17. Ivan
    Thursday Feb/9/2023

    here is another post related to bulgaria, this one is about a song.

  18. Ivan
    Thursday Feb/9/2023

    Here is a little something about my name on Youtube
    Go to 1:55
    well anything to say?

  19. Cyber
    Friday Feb/10/2023

    Ah I'm not sure I ever have addressed any Ivan from either Bulgaria or Russia (not in speech), but if I did I might've been getting it wrong then! Just the 'ah' part - we don't have the 'eh' sound here, as seems to be the more English pronounciation, but it's not as long and pronounced an 'ah', it's more like 'ahn' - the 'ah' combined with the 'n', a bit like Thai.

    I probably do know how to pronounce these names the Russian/Bulgarian way if I think about it, seen many a movie where they are pronounced that way, but we do have our local (and potentially faulty) alternations over here as the standard...

    Good to know!

  20. Ivan
    Friday Feb/10/2023

    There is a mission in GTA IV where a russian sends niko to kill another russian named Ivan, and the russian pronounces the name as russians and bulgarians would, but niko pronounces it as Americans or would later after that. 

  21. Cyber
    Friday Feb/10/2023

    Ahh interesting! The actual main character of the game no less, what a blunder... seems he is voiced by an American actor, Michael Hollick, so I guess that explains that.

    Realistically though, if you move to a different country, do you keep the 'real' pronunciation even if the pronounciative norm's different in the country you move to? Like with for example Niko in the story, when he's moved to the US.

    For example we have a Finnish friend who's lived in Sweden for some time now, and EVERYONE pronounces her name wrong... even she herself. XD Intentionally, just to adhere to the norm; not stand out too much. The letter P is often pronounced B in Finnish, so Swedes always get it wrong, but it just seems to be socially acceptable.

    "When in Greece do like the Greeks", as they say.

  22. Ivan
    Friday Feb/10/2023

    Well I would still rather have people pronounce my name like people in countries with the Cyrillic script would.

  23. Cyber
    Friday Feb/10/2023

    Well for sure. You do live in such a country too, so no need to adapt to external cultures.

    It's a good thing most foreigners you interact with (I assume) do so in writing hmm, though who knows how they pronounce your name in their head...

  24. Cyber
    Friday Feb/10/2023

    Oh that's a nice one. XD Gotcha, good to know!

    Really a nice homage to the country. Gives a positive impression all around.

  25. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/11/2023

    Nice ones!

  26. IvanИван2003
    Tuesday Feb/14/2023

    did you see the art yet?

  27. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/14/2023

    Hey man, we're celebrating my dad's 80th Birthday today + I really need to catch up with a voting panel participation this week, so chill a bit with these please, did mention this month would be pretty intense some weeks back...

    I do usually get to these as soon as I can.

  28. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/15/2023

    Happy Smellentinez Day Ivan! Seems she coined a new phrase there, wonder if it means more than it seems to mean...

    Chose to move your comment here btw since I'm not sure my dad would appreciate the same humor. You left that on a post with a poem in his honor, celebrating his eighty years and all. Even if it's Valentine's Day too best keep this separate.

  29. IvanИван2003
    Wednesday Feb/15/2023

    go check out the stuff in the last comment

  30. Cyber
    Thursday Feb/16/2023

    I will, but chill man...

    Impending deadlines/visitors this weekend, lots to prepare, I really have no time to spare right now.

  31. IvanИван2003
    Saturday Mar/4/2023

    Do you remember us talking about Niko pronouncing Ivan like Americans do? well actually Serbs pronounce the name the same way Russians and Bulgarians do.

  32. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/4/2023

    Ah that's good to know. I guess neighboring countries have a bit more similar languages and dialects; thus pronunciation too.

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