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Philosophy Test

Philosophy Test Results

Want to give it a try? Seems I'm a bit more spiritual than I thought I was...


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Nov/11/2021

    Materialism: 35%
    Egoism: 29.5%
    Idealism: 50%
    Hedonism: 31.3%
    Nihilism: 55%
    Rationalism: 44%
    Skepticism: 64.6%

  2. S3C
    Thursday Nov/11/2021

    1. Altruism
    2. Asceticism
    3. Spiritualism
    4. Skepticism
    5. Romanticism
    6. Nihilism
    7. Idealism
    8. Pragmatism
    9. Moralism


    1. Asceticism
    2. Altruism
    3. Spiritualism
    4. Romanticism
    5. Idealism
    6. Moralism
    7. Skepticism
    8. Absolutism
    9. Nihilism
    10. Pragmatism

  3. S3C
    Thursday Nov/11/2021

    here's what I want to be:

    1. Skepticism
    2. Altruism
    3. Romanticism
    4. Moralism
    5. Pragmatism
    6. Rationalism
    7. Idealism
    8. Spiritualism
    9. Asceticism

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Nov/11/2021

    Ah we're pretty similar! Exactly the same Egoism in particular...

    I figured you'd be more rational than romantic. :)

    Personally hmm, my ideal order might be something like...

    1. Idealism
    2. Romanticism
    3. Spiritualism
    4. Altruism
    5. Asceticism
    6. Rationalism
    7. Pragmatism
    8. Moralism
    9. Skepticism
    10. Nihilism
    11. Materialism
    12. Absolutism
    13. Hedonism
    14. Egoism

  5. Cyber
    Thursday Nov/11/2021

    I'd love to live free; feel free; be more emotional than reasonable; just embrace the world for the wonderful thing it is more so than overthink, overhoard, overwork; overreach with everything...

    These are hard to rank though. In a lot of cases it seems it'd be better with a balance than with a ladder.

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