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PicoDay2024 - You Are Truly Awesome

Here's a little something for Pico Day y'all!

Props @Aalasteir on instrumental, idea and production, and @Picochu on the awesome cover art! That's me just chillin' in the corner. ;)

You can hear the track on NG too with full sidebar cred here.

Alas we did crank this out - due to my not being able to stay ahead of the power curve and get things done until the very last minute - in the very last minute. @Aalasteir finished the mix in commendable time, yet there is a strange kind of reverb going on there, and the vocal volume shifts a bit along the way... which is something I should've balanced out on my end before I sent over the vocals.

Maybe there'll be time to remix/revision/re-envision this further down the line though - I have an idea on creative sampling I'd like to try out too. :)

For now enjoy the new, the creative brew, the instrumental instrumental and soothing slew of elusive me with this unusual coup!

D'├ętat. That's hot. :P And you're awesome. Cept bots.

Lyrics here.


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