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Pineapple Express 2 - Blood Red (2013)

Pineapple Express 2 (2013)

I remember watching the first Pineapple Express years ago - the crazy marijuana-fueled action farce starring such suitable greats as Seth Rogen, James Franco, Bobby Lee, Bill Hader and Danny McBride, and what a blast that was then. Feels like it paved the way for plenty of other similarly skewed and drug-fueled coinages and comedies that sometimes took you way out of your comfort zone, like Sausage Party, or The Interview - often starring similar pieces of the original Pineapple cast.

At least Seth and James then. The central duo. The genesis of all films that seem to take things the ways you just never thought you'd see a mainstream Hollywood movie go.

They kickstarted a new age of comedy almost. Revolutionized the genre. Modernized, more so?

I wonder if they really did; wonder if their style is simply a reflection of society becoming all the more unbounded, or if it really was a trend they pioneered... either way it feels like they found their formula.

It's always crazy. The characters always get real uncomfortable. It works!

Anyway, it sure took me a while to find out about the sequel, just in time for the ten year anniversary thereof! But I'm here for it. Had fond memories of the first, and this one does not disappoint - though it's surprising they never made a third.

Maybe the visual effects were a bit over the top? Maybe there's a bit much nudity? Make some people took offense...?

If you thought the first one was crazy just wait till you see this one... not only do you get the original cast and a barrage of similar shenanigans, but also (the also very suitably great) Woody Harrelson, as the unfortunate victim of a hit the trio of old are now planning, to make amends for a drug deal gone wrong.

And so they embark in their van and set out, doubting strong...

Shan't spoil it further. :) If you enjoyed the last one you probably will this time too. It's in part just the same story all over but in part... pretty new.

They definitely raised the budget too. Solid views; solid crew. Solid due:

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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