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Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

AKA Salazar's Revenge! Which I really thought this one was titled... he's the villain. A good one, too. A new sinister shade of the undead...

How ever did Jack Sparrow lose his place as main character within his own movies though? Suddenly he's the hopeless sidekick - at best more like a counselor than a captain, and there's not just one main character couple, but two, of which he's part of neither.

The bank heist at the beginning, the crew breaking up, his luck running out on him again, and two new characters appearing that are set to stir things up... as well as an old nemesis... it all feels highly familiar. It's like I've seen this before. It's like the prequel, and more than one before it.

It's not that I don't like the adventure, the pompous theme song, the pirate barter or the staggering special effects... I even got pretty emotional in the very final moments when Barbosa does what he does (makes me change my opinion on his character entirely), but when it's all said and done it feels like I just watched the same old movie one more time.

It's not new. They bring in one more myth - each time all the mightier to replace the old one, and then send the main mismatched cast (after in the last moment saving some uncertain someone(s) from a certain death) on a cat and goose chase to reach it, within a limited time frame, in that fail-safe formula we now know as: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Some may say the series is back on track, and yes... it really is on the same track as always. Always good, but also awfully inconsistent and uncreative. The best days of POTC are those that were... even if this might have been the best one in a while now. They do add in some conclusivity with the ending, and links to earlier elements left unexplained (the compass), but at the same time it takes away a bit of the mystery, and it feels like the dive into backstory and history is more to appease the viewers than because that was actually what they had planned. After so many spin-off's and side-stories suddenly they're back at Jack's roots, ready to reveal how he first became who he is, with the villain to match? Almost unsuitably suitable...

I enjoyed the movie, but was hoping some things would be new, yet that old things wouldn't be cast out with the tide to make way for those things, all the while maintaining this aging tradition...

 rated 3/5: not bad

June, 2022

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

We're back to the Caribbean with this one! And back to origins, with the story of how Jack first started his pirate life, in a time when pirate kind was maybe more threatened than they were even with the Davy Jones scramble. When Captain Salazar ruled the seas, before he was put into the Devil's Triangle and left to die by a little boy calling to him from a mast; challenging his power. Jack the sparrow...

Now he's free from his curse, and back, and of course it's Jack he's after. And Barbosa gets mixed in too. And this time so too his daughter, and Will Turner's son, who wants to free his father of his curse as well...

It's great. The special effects are great. The sceneries are great. Barbosa gets an honorable end - a moment I'll treasure as well, and it's a tale of legend that rings both harrowing and satisfying, and at times appreciatively comical.

Lovebirds all re-unite and Jack sails away as he should have last time.
It feels like the end we never had before on so many levels, save for
two things:

1. Yet again it feels Jack isn't truly at the reigns of his own fate, and the complexities that made him such a great character in the beginning seem lost to time.

Where's the witty wording? It's either complete silliness or heroics, never both; rarely with that special kind of spontaneous bravado and cleverness he exuded earlier, but more so just spontaneity. Little else.

2. Poseidon's trident ending all curses at see... that's a bit of a letdown isn't it? Is this when the dawn of humankind as we know it first came to be, and all the mysteries of the oceans were quenched and drained of their allure?

It's great for Will, but not so great for the imagination, and for the parallel world these movies inhabit... even if they leave you with an appreciative little twist towards the end.

It definitely felt more wholesome than last, and more conclusive, but that first one... seems nigh impossible to trump it.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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