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Pirates United

It's a sad day for Sweden, and a large portion of pirates all around the world today. The four people behind the legendary Pirate Bay have been fined roughly $905, 000 each and sentenced to one year jail time. It's still a preliminary decision though, so hopefully things will change with the appeal. Here's some news to read about it, mostly in Swedish. I quote a comment written in response to one of the above that sounded nice:

The bay will live forever but it’s a sad day when the pirates walk the planks.

Brokep, founder of the site gives a reassuring twittering as well:

Stay calm - Nothing will happen to TPB, us personally or file sharing what so ever. This is just a theater for the media.

Since the new law allowing anyone to request information on a certain IP from national ISPs this April arrived Internet traffic within the currently suddenly sunk down with about 30%, no need for estimates as to what caused it... cowards.

All the best of luck to the jailed TPB founders, and if somehow the appeal doesn't come to the correct verdict this time around I'll be there to help all the way, if they start a donation for the funds needed I'm sure pirates worldwide will unite and bundle up a few million for them in a day. In a bright faraway future the corrupt commercial empire will fall and the cultural unity will overwhelm us all, hopes high, until then.


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