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Pitbull: New Order (2016)

Pitbull - New Order (2016)

Now this main guy's tough! And tougher here than in the sequel, which makes me wonder... it's not the same guy after all, is it? It's a standalone segment in the maybe one and only franchise to go to if you want a glimpse into the dirty underbelly of Poland, and the somewhat different forms of law and order they have there. And surely in many of their neighboring countries. And probably plenty of other countries too but not really the first world countries from which you usually get your movies. Unless you happen to live here.

It's refreshing to leave Hollywood for something savage though, some times.

Compared to the sequel this one's all the more brutal, has some rough sex scenes too, and though Piotr never stops fighting for justice there's not such a big different between cops and criminals after all. They're both relentless.

The plot? Well it's about cops, and their feud against a criminal band called the Mokotowska Group. Let's leave it at that. Until you watch it.

It's filmed good. It's gritty. The script's a bit of a mess, skipping certain details you'd think to be key elements such as how they catch some of the criminals depicted, but at the same time it's refreshingly unstructured that way, all the while staying relevant to the characters and story. And you bond with them, too. Tough guys, beautiful women, and a both glorified and dirtied picture of the gang culture in these parts. Not bad at all.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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