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Planes 2 - Fire & Rescue (2014)

Planes 2 - Fire & Rescue (2014)

The sequel of Planes is finally here! And just when I was expecting boats.

So, what plotty reason might they have to expand the one hit wonder that the last one apparantely was not (as there's a sequel)? Dusty becomes a firefighter! He's raced and reached all he ever wants to be, but during a practice run his engine stalls and it's reve3aled that his gearbox is failing. Normally he'd have it fixed and that would be that, but as it turns out his box is an old model... and there's nothing he can do but stop flying so fast. In a dashing despair over this sudden physical weakness (hey, even planes grow old! Though he doesn't look it), he accidentally crashes into a building and it burns down. His firefighter buddy lacks the necessary equipment (that can be fixed) and amount (there has to be two firefighters at any one airport, apparently) so... he sets out to become one!

There's a supercop reference. There's a bunch of new buddies our old pal Dusty quickly grows to know. There's that loner a la Doc Hudson or Skipper and there's a boatload of fires. Sceneries are beautiful, the music's fitting and the plot is gripping. Overall it feels like a much better sequel to planes than Cars 2 was to Cars. Mainly because they tried something different. Well, it's basically the same plot with a few adjustments, but the settings and characters are all new, and so is the occupation. In this movie, it's not all about racing!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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