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Planes (2013)

So I finally got around to watching this movie! I loved Cars, but... this? It's just following the same old trail. After watching Turbo it feels like it's all the same game, it's all about unlikely people/critters/vehicles wanting to be racers, and Turbo was much more unlikely, not to mention with a bigger underdog of a main character. It's not even a competition between the two.

I definitely like Cars more like Planes. Do I like cars more than planes? Maybe, but I think the thing is that there can only be one classic; plenty of sequels. Even if it's a new perspective, this is definitely not that classic. It's basically Cars all over again, with a few differences like... how Mater's already present from the start (and of course the characters all look different, have different names and are voiced by other people). It's a repeat in all other ways, the mentor, the training, the getting lost along the way, the getting deceived, the making a comeback, the romance... if you've watched Cars you already know the plot. The visuals are new though, so props for propellers, and sky soaring never gets boring. It wasn't particularly innovative, but it was a good movie. Boats next?

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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