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Planet Of The Apes 4 - Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (1972)

Planet Of The Apes 4 - Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (1972)

The son of Zira and Cornelius is all grown up now, raised by the friendly circus owner Armando (Ricardo Montalban). He's kept him away from the conniving core of the city, where apes are now slaves and humans their mistreating masters, but during a marketing visit Caesar forgets himself and speaks - something that has serious consequences for both him and his helper. Armando is interrogated, but dies before he betrays Ceasar, and the latter hides in plain sight, as a slave to the government, and the more he learns and mourns, the more he grows to hate the humans, until finally there's no route left but revolution.

The plague that Zira prophesied came true as well: all cats and dogs died, and apes were made pets in their place, then slaves slaves - trained to perform more complicated tasks as they proved capable. Plot twist: the plague actually came with Zira and Cornelius from the future.

The soundtrack's often a bit distracting, and especially in the most serious moments, with an almost comical tone even during uprising and massacre. The style of the movie is similar, but it doesn't have the same vibe to it - it feels like they're going a different route.

The prophecy comes true after all, even if all details don't go according to plan. In a weird way, it's like the apes altered the future, and caused the doom of humankind due to the human's course into the future. Without the spaceship: Zira and Cornelius wouldn't have been able to travel back, and the flu wouldn't have come about... right? And then what would have happened? Then again maybe they simply sped up the process: carrying with them a flu that would've come about much later in time, and giving birth to a son that could lead the mass rather than one bred into slavery, at a time when all apes were equally civilized.

It's a bit strange how quickly all of the new apes adapt to their future brethren, considering none of them could speak before him, and most didn't seem all that intelligent. The No that eventually does come about does so in a way you might not even notice, but it is there, near the end.

Either way it's an interesting twist. And this... not a bad movie, although it just doesn't compare to the first two. The filmography isn't bad, but it feels forced sometimes, and there are loose ends. The ending speech was dubbed over the original too in order to make the cut to PG 13. The original wasn't quite that optimistic, and yet the sequel is based on the dub, rather than the original one. I'm not sure which way's the best way, but the atmosphere... is different somehow, and not just because the apes have taken over. The first two were just right, but after that it feels like it's all going downhill.

 rated 2/5: decent


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