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Playing With Fire (2019)

Playing With Fire (2019)

I watched a John Cena interview on Conan recently, and felt it was about time I looked up some more of his movies, but you know what? He hasn't been in any more!! Neither has Kate Beckinsale, though she's coming out with some new ones this year. But never mind her now. She's not in this one either.

As for Cena I managed to find an older movie in his meager repertoire where he plays a smoke diver (alternative firefighter type that dives into smoke) and saves a trio of kids from a burning cabin... and then things get crazy. Michael Keegan-Key is there too, and the ever so versatile John Leguizamo, and the giant Tyler Mane. Wish a short Dennis Haysbert cameo.

Unfortunately it's overplayed. Overacted. Overexaggerated to the point it's unfortunately not as good as it could be, and you get a bit annoyed with those kids... but it's still enjoyable. It's a family friendly kids movie with bonds and all. Leaves you warm. Leaves you happy after all.

The Cena shower scene btw, lmao! Best bit.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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