A Bright Star
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


There is no war
Only if you say it
There is no peace
Only if you make it
Past beliefs

Everything worth being told
This is the land of new
And you are growing old

Cold like the dawn
The winter slowly dragging
Out on my time
Telling to me some truth
But most of it a lie
A lie passed by leaves

The fallen wind swirling
Around my ankles and feet

Everything you hear is news
If you haven't heard it twice
Don't forget what you hear
It's a piece of my advice
The fabric starts to tear
The very foundation of space
And it seems that we noble humans
Might be - erased

Everything you hear has reason
So don't speak without a doubt
If you chose a truth - believe it
And never let it out!

Keep it canned inside your cage
Keep it contained - set it free!
And it will ravish like a plague
And consume humanity

Make us all just fight like dogs
Fight the dogs - for all I care
I just wish we had a star
That shone bright

And that all of us could share