Ackowledged Knowledge
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2005


The times have once again arrived,
Im still alive, the tide is high,
My motivation has left my mind,
So nothing on this site you'll find,

Later after my vacation,
I'll be back around to build a nation,
I'll be gone for 2 months, keep waiting,
A trip to gather inspiration,

On the site you'll be seeing things change,
I'm working on it, for now its out for range,
Until everything is completely completed,
The site will be left blank and defeated,

Until then while everything is away,
Heres a quite rhyme to bright up your day,
And if you need a fresh design,
You always know the best is mine,

You can reach me at
Incase you have questions on something going on,
Or a request for help; design with your site,
CyberD services are open both day and night,

Now go ahead and go away,
Brighten up and have a great day!
I have nothing left to say,
Ill see yall later, ok