Allwisen Must
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I would not like to snap my back
I would not like to be my knee
If it cracks after a hack attack
A violently omitted hurting spree

I would not like to, seal a sound
I would not like to be around
When bombs start falling to the ground
When bombs start churning up ash

I would not like to be a part
Of the eternal war
I would not like to end or start
The earthly fighting for

Materials such as gold and ore
Material lusts must hope devour
And at the hour of seizeless pain
I doubt I would be pleased to shame

My life with an artery burst
My kin with a part of old sin
Boredom is no friend of old time
But this soul is still property of mine

And as long as it rests inside of my hull
My days will never be sloppy or dull
As long as it rests inside my chest
I doubt I will ever get peace or caress

The hope that I hold
Elope with my flow
And let us all sail
To see

Not frozen not known
My haven my home
The world where I want
To be

This world does not hear
It frees
And this will world will never leave
This world will never seize
To breath.