poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I am who I fall as
When the grim breeze stops
Locks me in my footsteps
Forgets the face of time
Evades the bullets spraying
Like fountains over sand
The dunes of demons craving
When power meets demand
The hour is late and I wait
For minutes to become years
The tiger wakes up and is bait
For the new me, is here

Reborn as I was yesterday
When I woke up from unkept reach
Torn from the world I am less than me
And I won't be dulled by speech

So please switch to the pitchblack stars
And light up the sky like a light
Because I will still be who you call
When there is noone left in your sight
And it doesn't matter for life is too short
To claim upon matters a shortness, abort
I'm plain as the latter, creative in port
So write me a letter and I will get better

Or pin down your sorrows and trap them for me
And I can laugh and dismantle your need
To crack down for every backwhack or defeat
Lethal when little else matters