Beacon of Hope
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2007


Don't go any further
Don't dig any deeper
I am here to stop you
I am - the keeper

Don't go any longer
Don't grow any more
I am here to hinder you
That's what I am for

Why is it your digging?
Devoted to soiling your hands
What is it you want?
In these god forsaken lands?

Haven't you ever wondered?"
He asked me with ironic tone
What is left here in this land?
Where the sand is made of bone

And why were you put here?
To guard this sacred place
He didn't move a muscle
In his hollow face

I am not here by reason
This is simply gods will
And if you trespass further
I will have to kill.

I was sent by the people
To find a cure for the world
To dig deep in these soils
And uncover a long lost bird

She will fly to the heavens
And become our new sun.
And the world will bathe
In the light that was undone

The man started digging
Among the barren land
But he was struck down
By gods gigantic hand

If I have a keeper here
There is nothing here for you
You are meant to lose all hope
Now go back to your fellow fools

The man returned to his city
And gathered an army to fight
And returned to the bonelands
In the darkest night

And they draped the keeper
And they dug up a wonderful bird
It flew up in the skies
And spread light over the world.

And god he could do nothing
There was nothing he could do
He pointed down a finger
And said -

"Hey - I'm watching you."