By the Flames
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I see the sky
I see it boil
Up my sleeve
A grim snake coils

It spits out poison
It rains on me
But I can see now
I can see!

All the things I've missed out on
Within this great planet we live upon
All the emotion I left for good
Before I ever fully understood

All it could do for me, all that it could
Do for me...

By the flames
I stand in shame
I try to reach
The sky in vein

The clouds are white
Surrounding blue
It feels so fresh
As morning dew

All I can feel is the dying heat
That slowly leaves my darkened feet
All the pain that I now know
The pain that I could never show

If I released it, would I have had it easy
I was truant...

I see the darkness
I see it come
My body is sore
My soul is numb

If I could soar
Up through these flames
And leave the fire
I cannot tame

All the regret would leave in a blink
I'd have time to live, to love, to think
Instead of drinking bottles of air
A placebo effect, they name it dispear

And I feel pierced, by the spears
Of destiny...

I see the darkness
I see it come
But I can't flee
I cannot run

I started noble
I played my game
And thus I will stand
Still by the flame

Regretting deeds, I have done
A lifetime passed, and I've become
The hope that drowns, the hate that grows
I've become the one of foes

That you will never grow to accept, I will live
Still, by the flames...