poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


There was a hacker who thought
He was funny
He didn't hack to be caught
Or for money

He didn't have the decency
To let his victim go
Yet his hacks were never personal
They were just for show

One day he hacked an account
In sixty minutes
He was happy he was done
He was finished

The user had a lot of stuff
Submitted in his stash
The hacker had a rush
Of deleting all this flash

And when it was all over
He just left
He didn't care much about
The account theft

Then the user came online
Still logged in, all in due time
He didn't notice anything was wrong
Until he submitted a song

And noticed that his name was Bam, Bamington

He tried to change all this info
But if failed
His password has been changed
And it prevailed

In it's new form
It swept over like a storm
He was weeping inside
His whole body was warm

All the years he had spent
Working on this content
All the visions he strived for
All the ways that he went

To achieve all his goals
He put in his whole soul
Into the work that this tolled
Now it wasn't in his control

It had vanished in the blink of an eye, passed him by

For days he cried
Without remorse
All the years he strived
To stay on course

Now his future as an artist
Had blown away all in a day
The admins did not listen
To what he had to say and let it stay

And everyday he went there to
Look at his account once, a new
And see if the nightmare was still in tune
Wondering if it would not change soon

The rest of his life he was nothing
And his account never regained it's glory
So for all you crackers doing something
I hope you listened to this story

And understood, that you can do good, and you can do bad, but it makes me so sad, to see