Crazeful Earth
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


A tree falls down, and it blocks my view
A treestump struck, it falls in two
The needles burn, the ones of pine
And this world mourns, for one of mine

A tree blows down, its crown astrew
A plumtree struck, it falls into
The pond beyond, all wordly hate
its surface still, as rage grows late

Immune to fire and surrounding craze
The pond stays still, at peace for days
The war can't reach it, can't breach it's face
Of undeniable calm

But as time passes, in mankinds palm
The heart surrounding, does start devised
And as the masses, flood all alms
The lake surrounding, gives up and dies

But a memory, a folktale for
The future outcasts of sleepless war