Cycle Resumed
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I am but a life
One living my life
One giving my strife
Its all

I stand if I stand
On hand if I can
And if I can't stand
I fall

And if I fall I try
To reach for the sky
I try and I try
Some more

If I reach it I roar
With wisdom and store
And if not I just try
Some more

The cycle of some
A cycle of dumb
But a cycle for every

They cycle around
Streets up and down
Swinging with self
And control

Sometimes they fall from their bike
And become scarred for life
And abstract from the cycle
They form

A line of their own
With no natural home
With a destination they own

They form a new storm
A future is born
A future that ends
Pretty soon

In our cycle we still cycle
High on our bicycle
Surprising the sun
And moon