poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I lift up the tile
And what do I see?
Two small green bug eyes
Staring, at me

So I put back the tile
I let it be at peace
Fight the ants, the worms, unknown
The little bug stays in its home

I lift up a rock
And what's underndeath?
A set of long fangs
Indented centipede teeth

It hovers for a while
But once it sees that I'm me
The alien drifts away
Buzzing softly like a bee

And after a hard days finding
I return back to my house
Where the cat is on walls climbing
In search for a little grey mouse

I wonder if she will find it
Or if the mouse will just run out
Into the wildnerness where all beasts roam free
And maybe on my next visit I will the mouse see

Hiding by the creek, behind a stone, maybe a tree?
Will the mouse stand still, or will it try to flee
Will it wonder who I am, or will it skip carelessly
Through the dotted knots, of it's home