Fallen Order (2009)
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


Rummage through piles of garbage
Hiding on my lawn
Of all creations tarnished
I am but its apawn

A fawn of good not evil
Decieved by words of love
A dawn of new retrieval
They come with sun above

Am I part of mankind now?
Said my pledge and filled my vow
Full of words so wondrous so
They will drive me where I go

And I trust I will too know truth
Past the paths of vacant youth
To the towers of furnished age
I advice you, turn the page

Learn the words that written were
Or you will stand astray
Thinking how and what and were
The wisdom was that day

And I don't want to be that fool
I presume that wisdom grows
On trees by which with we carve tools
Spears, houses, arms, bows

In the product lies our hope
In the form, there lies our life
I'll leave after a masterpiece
When time is ripe to ends this strife

Wisdom comes in an endless flow
As does the river, and down it goes
To the ocean where it lies low
The water, in unbound masses