Feel what I Feel
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


Can you see
Through my eyes?
Can you be
Whome I depise?

So you can see
How I see you?
So I can be
Who you see through?

Can you feel
All these lies?
That lie and linger
In my life,

I can't stall
This sacrifice
It's coming...
Quicker now


Can you hear
Though my ears?
Can you brace
Yourself from tears?

Can you hide
From my nightmares?
So I can find
A moment of peace?

Can't you stop
Can't you seize!
Seeing me
As I believe

That I can stop
That I can flee
Can't you stop
Seeing me


Can you smell
Through my nose?
Can you dwell
In my body?

If there is hell
I suppose
That I'll be ready
When i die

Can't you stop
Can't you let go!
Of all you think
That you know!

So you can sink
Down billow
Into this hellhole
In which I sit


There is nothing you can do
There is nowhere you can flee
I don't want to be like you
But I still don't feel like me

There is nothing I can try
There is nowhere you can go
Without seeing through my eye
Now that you know