Feign Missery
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


It's uncalled for
That you called
I was walled up
Behind walls
Trying to forget, all
That happened yesterday

It's uncalled for
Why, you asked?
In missery I used to bask
You're like sunshine
You shine so bright
That I'm devoured
By all your light

And my sadness
Is flushed away
And I forget all
About that day
And the troubles fly like foam
Unseen into the ozone

And I am happy, and I am glad
And there's a void where all the bad
Was just a few seconds earlier
And I am happy, and I laugh
And I forget about all my wrath
It makes me angry, and I look back
At the missery in which I used to bask

It misses me, and I fight
Against the joy, for it isn't right
That I can jump high, when just a few seconds ago
The blue sky, seemed so very very far away