Flee Reil
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


I just say woah because there's something I can't bestow!
And there is somwhere I just can't go

In my home I can't say all the phrases out loud!
All the ones that I know

But in my head! There nothing is dead! There I can see! I CAN see RED.
I can go wild! I can cry! I can fail! I can rise! I can rail!

And I'll still be ME.

There's no measure, no, it's an endless pleasure.
Feel no pressure, no vows, no lies, no effort.

In my home I can't find the changes I need
Need to live a full life so I can - BE

From inferiroity my soul craves to flee
Justice to find my place, all trouble that we face

As an insult.

Is worth all the sultain that it fell.
The substance it disrubbled.
The fountains I can't feel.

My world spins like a wheel.
It's in balance.

And so.
I need.
To be.