Gnome finds a Home
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Once upon a time
There lived a wellknown gnome
In the vast lands of liquore
He roamed there on his own

With the moon high in sky
When the fireflies brightly shone
He stroved the ground aminously
Walked the world alone

By the time he was fiftyfive
He had walked the whole world around
He had walked the whole world sideways
He had walked the world up and down

He kept on walking everyday
Until one day came to an abrupt halt
For in his path lay a basket of laugh
And a bucket of slippery salt

He had walked this road four times before
He had walked all others in his pass
Never before had he seen such a laugh
He stared in aw at the casket in grasp

And from that day he stopped walking
Since he realized he would not see
More for every journey he took
But learn from the ones he let be