Goma, Comma
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Living in a coma
Life is like a dome
Tension brings me shadow
Suspense lets me wake

For as long as I remember
I dare to sleep late
I fear the day I take
A step away from home

My back is strong and mighty
I can walk forever
I don't weigh an ounce

My dreamworld has its limits
The walls I cannot reach
But inbetween them lies
A vast infinity

The leaping wall is dreadful
Do I dare take a step?
To move in its direction
Even with unlimits left

I lift to my discretion
A secret with my hand
I leave it on the seashore
A secret to disband

bright white towers hover
A vision still so clear
And I can see a white dove
Floating in the air

Reaching for the moonlight
Striding for the peace
That nest even in dark nights
I will never reach