poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2007


The world spins slowly
Around and around
Still our squirming feet
Never lift from the ground

I try to jump up
All I can do is fall down
I can't fly away
I can't leave this town

But somewhere up there
In the never ending blue
Is there not a plane?
That the birds fly into

I wish that I was in it
I wish that I knew
I wish that I could fly
Away with you

I wish I could walk around
In the blue above this town
Look down at the world
And wave to my family

There are endless stars
For as far as I can see
Maybe one of them
Means freedom, for me

The gravitational pull
Keeps pulling me down
Keeps pulling me back
To the old train tracks

The gravitational pull
Doesn't let me leave
I run towards the border
I run towards the sea

I run towards the roads
I jump and I dive
But still I can only stay here
If I shall stay alive

I need a strong machine
That can surf up in the sky
To let my dreams let go
Of this twisted flow I loath