Grid of Greed
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Give you a rose
Cause you asked for me
And I need to be
To leave peacefully

To live life free
Like a breeze - all ease
Yet life does freeze
At times, I see

I see the times
The times are harsh
I see these lines
They leave no scars

I see no dimes
No nickles, not ours
I see they are scarce
All except theirs

So shall we take from them?
Only one, then maybe two
And suddenly - we are
Much greedier than you!

What will you do then?
How can you then reply?
You can take them back again!
Who will stop you? I?

I think not, I'm rich now
I found my place - my peace
I forgot what to live for
My spirit? It has seized!

To swing across the vicious land
Untamed and without name
Now there sits a human there
Around my neck, there's a chain

Who is really in control?
Is it me? Is it him?
The line between freedom and freedom
Is thin, as a pin

So let me regain my thirst
Which I lost, this cash is cursed
All it cost, it was not worth
Let it rest within this hearth

The greed, the gold, my soul unsold
Back to earth, back to bliss
Live poor and happy
Live - enlist