poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Mr Griss went walking
Walking on the pond
Like a duck went sqwuaking
Sqwuaking and beyond

Into the hills he fathered
Into the split abyss
With hillsides on each peak
And shivers on his list

The mountains rose beyond him
The blue sky shone above
With all the light he wanted
Concernly endowed with love

Where Mr Griss did gather
So did the vacant sun
And thus his journey to
The mountaintop begun

Not for decades did he reach it
Not for centuries to spare
The weeks they did pass measly
As did seconds of each year

On the fifth eclipse of the moonstone
When the sun was pale and bleak
Mr Griss found a soul in orbit
High above the mountain peak

He took it down and did talk to it
It turned out he already knew it
For many years they had both disputed
Over all this worlds right and wrong

Now when they to the peak commuted
Both together in a trail of ale
Mr Griss and this soul polluted
The wind grew warm and the soul set sail

High above the heads of all people
Far away from the peaks Griss knew
It sailed further up towards heaven
And soon it was out of Griss view

He had walked the ravines for decades
He had strolled along gritty cliffs
But the nights never seemed as endless
As they did now for poor old Griss

So he prayed to the gods for a partner
Somehone who could follow him to
The destination he would always strive for
And that would make all of his hopes true

Suddenly a soul flew down from the blue
A soul of old times, a soul that he knew
And together they made their way
Through Mr Griss mountains a new

They had both good and happy days
And days of storm and sudden disputes
At times they both went different ways
At times they did not care to share

The common sky, the blue sky, the air
That surrounded them everywhere
But even after a vicious battle it always came them to mind
What a good friend they had, and would have in all time