He the Hero
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


For those who came
For those who saw
For those who stared
In open aw

I did not stray
Did not forsake
It was only destiny
I did make

Never enough
Of the turmoils gone through
Never catching up
To the turbines they use

To spin around the mocking ground
Just full of discs and jockeys now
But back few years it was empty as I
Shallowly seduced by just one guy

He's a legend in parts
And a legend at heart
He was a legend at end
And a legend at start

A hero doesn't come by
Every year, or week, or day
If a hero is to weak to speak
Then there hero will be okay

A hero doesn't gun down
Innocent folks they say
But this Hero was different
This hero was a cliff hanger

This hero was a hero
The people never portrayed
It was a hero the old world
Had made