Hell Seasoned
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


I got my pieces of memory
So that the world can be remembered by me
I just hope they'll remember me
In turn ...

Will I rise to the skies so high!
Surprise the nightmares that pass me by?
Or will I roll down to the coal fields
That burn ...

I had my life and I still have more
I just need to find what I'm living for
A reason and Icon to make my life
So much better, than before ...

To make everyday feel like christmas eve!
To never let this dull world slow me down or swallow me
I just need to find some connection
To a higher entity ...

If this icon is humane I may still stay sane
If this icon is overearth it might be time for rebirth
If this icon is in me it's time to save humanity
If this icon is of hearth I don't know ...

Don't know what I'll believe in
Or what I'll steeple being
But I suppose I'll know
Sometime next season

Or the one after . . .