Humanity Flares
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Tell me what makes us humans like us
Tell us why none of the others like us
Tell us why we always expect to be existent
Exceptional from all others beasts in this existance

Tell me what makes us humans just
Tell us why we all feel as if we must
Do what is right and shield deeds from wrong
Tell us why we still don't always feel like we belong

Tell me why we can't live in peace and harmony
We wage constant wars between us and still do not seize to be
Nature is a balance, the seeds, the fruit, the sky, the trees
We stand outside this balance simply hogging all we need

We are like a virus, like a a plague, like an everspreading weed
We have no honor, no moral, we were made to be decieved
Still we believe in meaning and in absolute facts
Though nobody knows nothing, to be exact