I Chews
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I know not what I'm supposed to do
But I do know what I should
I do know what I chose to do
But I didn't know that I could
Chose to do what I'm supposed to
I never really understood
But now I know that I've been a fool
And my choice stays for good

It stays in rain and it stays for sun
Its stayin' in plane view and moves for none
Your tries are in vein, don't be too dumb
This choice is mine and my mind is numb

My mind was fooled but now it stands
My mind was full of needs and demands
My mind was marked by a mass of brands
But my master plan is my choice in hand

And my choice has a voice of its own
My choice acts on true oath alone
My voice is low, but it has a tone
That will mark my choice was it made of stone
And make my mind become more for me
Mark my store and start war in need
Stance my foes and form forts to siege
My mind is made, and its choice is free