Iced Venture
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


I'll be climing by the cliffs
In the mountains with hands stiff
Swollen up with worsened grip
Red and hurting I bit my lip

I'll be climbing on them stones
So far far away - away from home
Look to the stars and I see they shone
Like the chrome on my Remson shine

I'll be vaulting down wet rocks
Slippery from the ice that drops
From the icicles hanging overhead
Falling down towards a static bed

The bottom is jagged with stalacties
That flow from down under and in the night
They glimmer in moonshine like cristal lights
And yet I don't regret, my journey here

I shed many tears
I spent many dollars
I had many fears
I shed all my colors

And without my cares
With my normal repent
I climb on the cliffs
With all money spent

I'll be sliding down wide caverns
With tunnels without light
Away from the stalacties
That shine - shone so bright

I'll be sliding down in funnels
Littered with sparks of ice
Rounded out by the wind that blows
And elinquis our blooddrained foes

This is the border, the end of life
It stings like sun, it strains like disguise
This is the ledge, the freedoms creed
Here where there is nothing. I will have all.

That I need.