In The End
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


In the end, all that's left
Is the dawn of regret
In the end, all that parts
Is the spawn of a new start

The sun does set, bloody red
Do you fear? Do you dread?
The sun rose, white and fierce
Skies alive, wide and clear

We all wish, we all hope
That it is, that we cope
We all say, we all know
We all let our fortune go

Be as it may, be as you like
I won't give up without fight
Curse you once, see you twice
Little piece of my advice

In the end, all we leave
Is a little piece of fiction
In the end, all we need
Is a little piece of frictin

To proceed, to get going
Never sure, never knowing
When it ends, when it starts
Leave a place, for my part