poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


Death is just a shortcut
To another world
You can be a lone wolf
Or follow with the herd

Don't say I didn't warn you
About the shimmering light
And the warmth that swarms to
This final place o night

Death is just a motive
What's that you could not see?
Leave the limbless life here
Downsucked by all your needs

Don't say I didn't hear you
When you called for the fullmoon
But the hour of whiches is just a whiff away!
The hour that strikes at the end of all day!

The night sleeps with hope
All lovers are gone
They left and eloped
Then sit on my frontlawn

Just sit there and grope
And kiss and declare
With senses they cope
And lift from despair

All moral is broke
And the public they stare
At the demons that dwell
When no hope is found here